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I was born the first of five children, while my father was in the Air Force. Most of my childhood was spent moving around a lot across the United States.
During this time I dreamed of becoming a writer and developed a passion for video games.

My father retired as a Master Sargent and moved us all to the state of Maine when I was about 14 years old. After graduating from high school I moved around a lot but I did eventually find my calling in life: food service. I love cooking and have done so in various health care facilities.

The year 2001 found me another calling: motherhood. Although at first I was uncertain if I could meet the challenge of being a single parent, we are doing quite well.

The year 2004 presented yet another calling in life. I have embarked on the journey of college life and so far have been enjoying myself.

My little family and I are still living in Maine, enjoying the country life.


My Mission

To live as an individual, capable of independent thought and unique emotion, while treating all people encountered with respect, dignity and compassion at all times, in all things, and in all places.


My site grows as I’m inspired to create new pages to reflect my identity and interests.Here is a directory to find the pages you may wish to visit.


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