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My owner, Sabaki Yang, made this shrine just for me. This is wicked cool, huh?!

My Story

Anyhow, I didn’t always belong to Sabaki Yang. . . My previous owner (and NO I will NEVER tell who!) chose to abandon me to the Neopian Pound. I’m not really sure why.

Shortly after I arrived there a beautiful faerie girl came in. She said she was “just looking”. She looked at each pet as she walked down the corridor. She suddenly stopped and knelt down in front of my pen.

SabakiYangFaerie“Hi there,” she whispered.

Her voice was so gentle it made me melt! She smelled so good too! Like sweet onions and roasted carrots and. . . and. . . ooooh so many yummy things! She said she helps out in the Soup Faerie’s kitchen so poor families can eat. (The Soup Faerie is really nice and very pretty too!)

Anyhow, the little faerie girl let me out of the pen because she wanted a better look. She gave me a great big hug and kissed my nose. She was so warm and full of love. It made me so happy!

But then. . . she put me back in the pen and walked away. My whimpers didn’t even turn her head. I started to cry and she stopped at the door. She just looked over her shoulder and opened the door and. . . left. Just like that. I was heart broken. I thought I would never have a home.
Suddenly in came a bouncing, giggling green Quiggle and right behind him peered a tiny violet Grundo. The Quiggle squeeled and started jumping from pen to pet saying “Hi!!!” to everyone.

The tiny Grundo just quietly walked down, looking left and right. The Grundo just stopped in front of my pen and looked up at me. “Ym eman si Eadicamil.”

I scrunched down to the floor, “Huh? What was that little one?”

The little Grundo seemed ready to cry, beaming with a smile. It looked at the Quiggle and pointed at my pen. “Esaelp?”

The Quiggle bounded over to my pen. “Hi!!! My name is NeoToadie!!! This is Limacidae!!! And we want you in our family!!!!”

Together they opened my pen and they both gave me hugs and kisses. I never felt so loved!

“In your family? You have an owner? Are you sure it’s ok?”

NeoToadie looked around and winked, “We saw her hug you! We saw how happy it made you. It makes us really happy to be hugged like that too! She is a little shy and wants to make sure she makes the right choice. Once she sees how happy we are together; she’ll be happy too!” Limacidae nodded.

So I watched NeoToadie pay for my adoption and I followed them out of the pound. On the way to their home, I didn’t really worry about if their owner would be angry. They played and laughed so much it was hard to worry about anything!

They live right in Neopia Central and it was almost nightfall by the time we got there.

“Where have you guys been? It’s late!”

The faerie girl stood on the door step of a modest house. My two new friends stopped in front of her and looked at each other. That’s when she saw me.

“Hey, isn’t that -”

“Ylimaf,” Limacidae said.

“Yes! New family! New family!” NeoToadie sang as he danced around the little faerie’s feet. She once again knelt down in front of me.

“New family, huh?” she scratched behind my ears, it felt so good! “Well, if you can handle these two, then you’re welcome to be one of us.”

“Yay!” NeoToadie and Limacidae cheered. They all gave me a great big, group hug that felt so very wonderful. Then we all went inside and I got a tour of our house.

We had an awesome omelette supper and Limacidae gave me one of her Poogle plushies! Since my room needed to be build, NeoToadie offered me to sleep in his bed.

I was so happy I couldn’t sleep and got back up to go outside and look at the sky. When I got into the living room, I saw that Sabaki was sleeping on the floor. She didn’t have a room yet either. She looked so cold and lonely there, so I curled up next to her and drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up to find my whole family cuddled up together with me. It’s so wonderful to have a home and a family that loves you!

My Dreams of Today

Now when I’m not running my home page, or chasing after NeoToadie to him out of trouble, or hanging with Limacidae to teach her to read, I’m dreaming of an even brighter day. A day when all Neopets will have good homes, families and plenty to eat.

I also dream of becoming a poet or songwriter. Maybe someday I could become famous and earn lots of money for Sabaki and we could feed and care for many more Neopians. . . .

That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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