GeoCities SABAKIYANG Account Neopets NeoToadie Shrine


My Neopets Shrine


Hi hi hi HI!!!!

My owner is so very cool and she loves me so very much that she made this shrine just for me!!!


She makes me so happy! She feeds me all kinds of really great treats. She loves to play the games in Neopia with me too!


She loves music too! You should check out her favorite bands like Tool and EmptyHead! The links to their sites are found on her Links Page!



I’ve tried the Beauty Contest a few times, but the judges in Neopia are really tough!!! And I even wrote a song once!


NeoToadieBeauty2I work really hard to spiffy up my home page too!


Please, please, PLEASE!!!! Don’t forget!!!! PLEASE??!! I made it all by myself! It’s a special SURPRISE just for you!!! You just HAVE to visit!!!


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