GeoCities SABAKIYANG Account Notebook Page


This is a collection in progress of my creative works. It is by no means complete – and never will be for as long as I am still living.

Sadly, I have been negelecting this portion of my site for quite some time now. I plan to correct this.

I’ve recently come across boxes in my storage containing old journals and the like. Some of it is missing and other stuff suffered water damage. I plan to go through it all, salvage what I can and transfer copies here on the site before repacking it. This is quite the project! One that I am not sure if I will ever complete, but I’m giving it a go.

However things turn out, there will be pieces available here for your enjoyment. Feel free to email me if you like with your comments. Keep in mind that even though negative opinions have the right to be expressed, I also have the right to preserve my self dignity and respect. Please keep your emails polite, even if you don’t like my work.

14 May 2009 Update: Unfortunately, GeoCities is closing. Therefore all written work that hadn’t already been migrated over to this LiveJournal account is being migrated now. You should be able to find all my posted work in here once I am finished.

Originally published on LiveJournal. Archived here on 03/07/2022.

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