Howtaru you? I’m new here. I came to LiveJournal while reading fan fic and started posting comments and I then decided that since I’ve now started visiting here often that I may as well have my own account. Not sure how often I’ll post here since I have two blogs already.

My personal blog can be found at: http://360.yahoo.com/sabakiyang
My blog for my alter ego, Toadie, can be found at: http://360.yahoo.com/tarutours

I’ve only recently begun writing fiction again. My recent creation can be found on my personal blog, but I may end up feeling productive enough to post it here as well.

I hope to meet and get to know many fellow writers! ^^

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  • Current Music: Does the Boomarang channel count here?

Originally published on LiveJournal. Archived here on 03/07/2022.

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