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Welcome to NeoToadie’s Magic Hugging Page!

What brings you to this page?

Feeling a little blue?

Having a bad day?

Feel like the world is getting the best of you?

Feel like screaming?

Feel like you can’t fight anymore?

Or maybe you just don’t quite feel like yourself?

Well, you’ve come to the right place for a pick-me-up!

Here’s how the magic works:

All you got to do is click on NeoToadie and let the magic hugs take effect! When you’re all done, be sure to hug everyone that means anything to you! Hugs are like a chain reaction and you can NEVER have to many hugs!

Welcome! Come One, Come All! Get a FREE Hug!

Click Me for a FREE Hug!

TRUE FACT!!! Everyone NEEDS at LEAST three hugs a day to be healthy!

These hugs are brought to you with much love and great enthusiasm by NeoToadie the Quiggle.

Thank you for visiting!

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