Rhae’s Traveling Bazaar


Rhae is Toadie’s vendor mule. She provides vending, banking, and shopping services for all of Team Toad and their mules. This page lists the items being offered for sale to raise funds in the team’s bank.

Working on developing a permenant “menu” for food items (Toadie) and meds (Uloulo).

Greyed out items are not currently in stock, but will be restocked as soon as possible.

Items that do not sell well will be removed from the menu.

RhaeBazaarAviRhae’s Current Location: Bastok

Seen only when set up to AFK with.

Toadie’s Lunch Cart
B.E.W. Pitaru 7000 Item Info Price Info
Bream Sushi 500 Item Info Price Info
Hydra Kofte 30000 Item Info Price Info
Red Curry Bun 15000 Item Info Price Info
Tuna Sushi 500 Item Info Price Info
Yellow Curry Bun 2000 Item Info Price Info

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