Bastok Mission Chart

This chart originally created on January 3, 2009 at 22:54 EST

Mission Order Mission Name Characters Completed
1-1 The Zeruhn Report T, U, L
1-2 A Geological Survey T, U, L
1-3 Fetichism T, U, L
2-1 The Crystal Line T, U, L
2-2 Wading Beasts T
2-3 The Emissary T, U, L
3-1 The Four Musketeers T
3-2 To the Forsaken Mines T
3-3 Jeuno T
4 Magicite (Bastok) T
5-1 Darkness Rising T
5-2 Xarcabard, Land of Truths T
6-1 Return of the Talekeeper T
6-2 The Pirate’s Cove T
7-1 The Final Image T
7-2 On My Way T
8-1 The Chains That Bind Us T
8-2 Enter the Talekeeper T
9-1 The Salt of the Earth T
9-2 Where Two Paths Converge T


T = Toadie on Siren
R = Rhae on Siren
S = Sabaki on Siren
A1 = Anuran on Siren
A2 = Anuran on Asura
L = Lupa on Siren
U = Uloulo on Siren

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