Birch Woods

Birch Woods was my first server map. My hubby, niece, and son seemed to enjoy playing in it as much as I had building it.

It was a survival map with a town that catered to the adventure and explorer. It offered “tourist attractions” such as repeatable mini dungeons and mini games.

My first mini dungeon was the Creeper Temple.



The first mini game I built was the Zombie Town. You chose the difficulty, which determined the number of spawners set, and had to survive the night while projecting the villagers in this ruined town.


Then I had Chicken Run. It was intended to be a maze you ran through, with baby zombies riding chickens chasing after you. Kinda like Pac-Man. I never did open this up to the players. I had trouble trying to figure out how to control the spawns so it wasn’t too easy but didn’t leave a ton of chickens running all over the place when players were done.

There was another repeatable dungeon in the center, also not released, that introduced the first chapter to the adventure map series I had started making for my son. Sorry, no details on the story since I’m implementing it on the new server now.



Last but not least, I have to share screenshots of my Chapel of Holy Light. At the time it was my proudest structure and is my favorite building in Birch Woods. I even ported it into another map with some slight modifications.



Next post will be about my Sandbox LAN map that suffered in the cross fire of my two boys in a fight. ^_^ Stay tuned!

Originally published on LiveJournal. Archived here on 09/13/2019.

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