Multiverse, ClearLagg, & Skyoseasons


LOVE this plugin. I installed it because players asked for it. I’m very happy that I now have a survival adventure world map. It’s an open world survival, but there are story based mini dungeons I’ve been adding little by little. Remember the story I mentioned back in Birch Woods? Well this is that story’s remake. When you enter the world, you spawn next to your space shuttle, now out of fuel, surveying the remains of the wrecked starship. You don’t remember what caused it, or whether your friends made it off alive. You’ll need to make the best of things on this new world. The family has since started converting the poor starship into a colony and I’ve added the mini dungeon that explains what happened to the ship. I’m currently working on the next chapter, was almost finished with it too until updating to 1.7.9 broke Unlimited Recipes.


I gave ClearLagg a try in the hopes of reducing the frequency of my family members getting booted off the server – despite them saying it’s more likely their computer or connection. My first attempt using it, I found the config file to not user friendly. It’s been updated since and the config is much easier to understand and use. I like it now that I know how to set it up the way I think I want it. However, my family doesn’t like it and the more I tinker with it, the more I feel it’s not intended for a survival/adventure server. I can’t seem to get it to ignore livestock, golems, and villagers – especially my custom villagers. I also think this plugin works best on a fresh map/server after tinkering with it more on “solo” server maps on my PC.


I love the concept of bringing in seasonal changes to Minecraft. It works by changing the biome ID to one you’ve set for the season. Skyoseasons has no way of reverting the maps to their original state if you wish to remove it. You have to have a backup – which I did make before installing it. This plugin is also global; it’s not Multiverse friendly. Biomes are not changed until after a player has entered and loaded it.

Everything was fine until winter came and the water started freezing. The sugar cane crops started popping and hand-made waterfalls were ruined. My family protested and so I changed the season we were in to spring (Mushroom Island) to melt the ice. But they didn’t want this plugin and they didn’t want to roll back. So I remove the plugin and spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out how to fix the biomes because I had started seeing weird spawn behavior like this:


“Zombie Aggression Towards Villagers” had been set to false, so these guys were just marching around our western themed town, Verandi, in a line like this. Someone left the inn doors open too, and they went into the inn, marched around the edge of the lobby, and marched back out. The golems were all bunched up inside the animal pen trying to get to the zombies. I assumed the golems fell off the nearby ledge into the pen so I broke the fence a little and the 4 golem army poured out and set to work. This turned out to be not an isolated incident. I started seeing it on our other world maps as well. Ultimately I ended up running a world scan to find and repair corruption. I can only assume that all my tinkering caused it.

I have since learned that I can fix the biome IDs with WorldEdit, but it’s kind of cool that our Server Central, technically a forest, is marked as a Mushroom Island and doesn’t have any monsters spawning in there. Everyone else seems happy with it also, so I’ve left it that way. Only downside is the place is crawling with Mooshrooms now.

Needless to say, I highly recommend making 2 back-up copies of your server. One to use as a test server for new plugins before you add them to the actual server and the other to have for roll backs.

Originally published on LiveJournal. Archived here on 09/13/2019.

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