Using Schematics on a Server and Giving Proper Credit

There is nothing worse than finding an awesome build that you want to use on your server because it fits so well and discovering there isn’t proper credit given to the original builder. That happened to me with this epic tree house I found that I’m using on my server as our world portal hub.

It is the perfect fit for Yggdrasil, the world tree. The tree is huge, there are 7 floors and plenty of rooms. A lot of the space comes undecorated but that also worked out well for me since it allowed me to personalize it to our server.

I’ve looked into the builder of this tree and found only that it was a leak and that the person who built it went by the handle “OCPC”. I have no idea if this information is true or not. I do know that this build is popular and I have seen screenshots of this tree included in other builds.

I think it’s a testament of just how perfect this tree is and I’m sure I’m not the only person out there that would love to give proper credit where credit is due.

Whomever you are that built this tree, it is beloved and thank you for building it.

Originally published on LiveJournal. Archived here on 09/13/2019.

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