Command Block Noob

Well I spent all last night trying to get the mini story dungeon using the Spencer Mansion done. I think I’ve got the Keys plugin working, but unfortunately the key leaves the door unlocked and I don’t see an easy way to reset the doors. I may go with my son’s lever/button idea after all. At least I can make those available with the RegenChests plugin and then use a command block that removes the buttons and levers once the player completes the dungeon.

Speaking of which, I had finally finished the dungeon using the Keys plugin and was setting up a command block to set the scoreboard objective for the story higher (so that players can’t skip chapters). Well, I messed it up and made the player parameter string too long and it caused the Netty to crash me out. After that, I couldn’t get back on and kept getting the same error. Ultimately I had to roll the server back, which fixed it, but naturally meant all the work I did last night was erased.

This is why I’m considering my son’s idea since I have to start all over anyway. Too bad I don’t have better working knowledge on redstone, otherwise I could probably work up better door mechanisms.

Originally published on LiveJournal. Archived here on 09/13/2019.

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