A Handful of Stuff that got Done during the Special Olympic Summer Games

Sorry for no posts as of late. I’ve been busy with Tuxedo Cat’s Special Olympic Summer Games this past week.

I did manage to get some stuff done during that time:

I discovered that nothing is useable by anyone but me if I put in server services in an InfinitePlots map since I’m listed as the plots’ owner. So I transfer everything to a default map using the original Yggdrasil’s world seed. Now I’m working on smoothing out shear cliffs and building a post office building. I’ll have to completely re-do the inside of the Toad Tower of Terror too.

I also discovered you can’t make changes to the InfinitePlots config file with pre-existing maps that use this generator without causing some serious problems, namely ownership of plots.

Not sure why but the portal signs stopped working a couple of times last week that required a server restart to fix. Hopefully they’re done breaking.

I didn’t get anything done for the mini story dungeon last week. Sorry about that guys!

My resource pack finally went live last night at PlanetMinecraft.com! As of this post, it has received 243 views and 1 favorite, with 58 downloads. I don’t think that’s too shabby for a first submission’s first day. Updates for the resource pack are already underway.

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