Haven Hearth – My Building Project for the July 2014 PMC Building Contest

Since July started, I’ve been working on this project for a building contest over at PlanetMinecraft.com. I’ll be tracking my progress here in this entry with screenshots until the end of the contest.

If you like what you see and the progress I’ve made so far, please show this contest entry some love and your support with a diamond on the PMC site!

Progress as of 7-2-2014

Began Building on the Isle of Contemplation:


Statue of Blind Justice


Statue of Unspoken Truth


Road of Reflection


Cottages – Outside View


Cottage Rooms


Tower of Tranquil Thought – Outside View


Tower of Tranquil Thought – Rooms


Inn – Outside


Inn – Inside


Ponderer’s Path – Leads to Remembrance



Progress as of 7-3-2014



Progress as of 7-5-2014


Cloud Skiff & Dock


Tree House Near Remembrance


Gates of Haven Hearth on the Road of Reflection



Statue of Delibration

Beacon for Cloud Skiffs


Underground Cottage Beneath Tree House

Progress as of 7-6-2014


Castle Estoria

Progress as of 7-8-2014


Steve’s Mansion

Progress as of 7-9-2014

Added the Applegate Farmhouse:


Added Anuran’s Aerie:


Progress as of 7-12-2014

Added Larana Tower:


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