Toad Family Server Relaunched!

It’s been awhile since my last post and I apologize for that. I’ve been busy starting the server over with a brand new map. We were suddenly having issues with spawning into a void like area and eventually getting kicked off the server for “floating too long” or some such thing. We had areas that had chunks missing – all the way down through the bedrock into the void. Even when downloading a copy of these maps, the errors/bugs/glitches persisted. I can only assume it was caused by all my tinkering and experimentation with plugins. I did a lot of installing and uninstalling of those plugins so it’s hard to say just what exactly was the cause. With that said, I had no way of repairing the damage. There was no choice but to restart the server with a fresh seed and a new server central. This time I decided we only needed three worlds: Survival, Creative and PvP. This covers all the play styles of our family.

Here’s a few screenshots of our new Server Central located next to a Mushroom Island in our Survival world:



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