Yesterday Wasn’t a Bad Day

My parents have always said even when I was little that I eat like a camel. That I would graze for a few days and then suddenly feast out of no where like I was starving only to go back to grazing. I’m not a comfort eater. I call it “joyful eating” because I only seem to eat when I’m feeling well.

Yesterday seems to be one of the better days because I ate better than I have been. I slept like crap but I took the boys out first thing in the morning and ate more than I have in the past week total. It felt good. I’ve always said that food is life and should be enjoyed. I also appreciate the place that we go to. The staff that we go really spoils us. Sometimes I think they shouldn’t but they know the boys have special needs, they know I have a disorder, and for whatever reason they have all decided to go out of their way for us. But you know what, I’ve watched them and I have seen them do this for other people besides just us so I don’t mind. It’s the reason I drive the distance I do to go out of town just to come to this place to eat here. So on one hand I want to tell you the location of this place because they are really good people, but on the other hand I can just hear my father admonishing me about internet safety and how if I overshare bad people will find me. Seriously.

The outing went well to a point but as always if the time extends beyond a certain point my patience wears thin for Little Bear’s behavior. I have to remind myself that he is still practicing his manners and that he is only 6 years old. That it is very hard for him to sit still. This is a normal thing for all children for his age, I know this. And there was an elderly man that sat behind us that seem greatly entertained watching us eat. He reminded me of my grandmother. The whole “I remember those days when I raised my kids” type of thing. So again it reminded me that this is normal and not my child being bad or me being a terrible parent. It’s just hard to deal with when you’re tired after a night of no sleep and your kid won’t let you take a nap.

My oldest has been awesome by watching Little Bear and even looked after him again to let me try to take a nap yesterday. But my dad called. They are having a barbeque this coming Sunday and want me to be there for it. I called him back when I woke up to tell him that we would be there. He could tell that I was stressed. Told him that I was. Told him that I tried to get the apartment caught up and the sleep problems, etc. He said to come over and take a break. So I did with laundry in tow. My parents live 5 minutes away. It takes longer to get loaded up in the car than it does to drive there.

Got a load of laundry started, talked his ear off, and decided we should have tacos for dinner. Took my second son with me since Little Bear passed out on the couch at 4pm – shortly after we got there. Dad and I agreed that probably the easiest way to fix the sleep problem was to slowly push him to stay up longer during the day closer to bedtime until I get him to a normal bedtime and then hope to keep him there. After that just don’t let him sleep in. I really think that’s what messed everything up in the first place. So I ate well at dinner time too and my second son and I picked out a video game for the oldest as a thank you gift for being so helpful around the house. He wanted to wrap it too but all we could find was birthday wrapping and we both thought that would be goofy for a thank you gift so we just settled for leaving it in the bag to give him.

I wanted to watch a movie, even hoped to watch the last Hunger Games movie but that launched a rant from the oldest. He’s not a fan of the dystopia genre. At all. So my dad and I opted for the nature documentary that the public channel had on. It was about various creatures taking flight. At some point around 10pm I passed out in the chair. Little Bear woke up at midnight so the oldest and I took turns keeping an eye on him from that point on.

My dad and I lock horns about many things but at least I know he’s got my back when I need him. Heck to be real honest we have a complicated and difficult past. Yesterday I didn’t even have to say to him, “I need help.” He just heard it in my voice and answered the call. You really have to appreciate the people in your life that do that for you. If fact, I think he’s one of the people that The Mighty would call “That Friend” and that means a lot to me.

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