Final Day of Homeschool this Year

Finally hit all our legally required days for homeschool (175 days). Would have hit them all sooner, but we have had a rough year this year and missed a few days of school. I suppose I could have gotten a doctor’s excuse note for them from the mental health hospital given all that we had going on with the family but I felt it was better to have my oldest just make up the days and finish a little late.

Now on to making sure his portfolio is in order and get that sent in for review. >.< Chances are I will have to pay a late fee but that’s okay I feel it’s worth it. I’m still worried about the portfolio even though the homeschool ministry for our state keeps telling all the parents that as long as our children do the work and we put at least the minimum number of samples in the portfolio for each subject and each quarter, we will be fine. Worry is what I do, especially since this is our first year homeschooling.

I joined the National Home School Legal Association for the year so that I’ll have assistance with assembling his high school transcript as we go. It’s $100 each year for full legal assistance with all things homeschool related. My primary concern is making sure he has an actual high school diploma when he is done rather than a GED. These guys now how that’s done.

Since my oldest wants to continue to homeschool we have discussed the pros and cons of homeschooling year round to increase scheduling flexibility given the nature of our family’s medical needs. If someone goes into crisis like Little Bear had this past school year we will have more scheduling options if we homeschool year round. However, homeschooling year round means vacation times would be different than the boys that are still in public school. Although, I have always sort of homeschooled my middle son on the side along with his public school. There is no reason why I can’t just homeschool them all along side public school and make the summer time fun learning projects for all of them. This way my oldest still gets his homeschooling and the boys don’t notice anything different. But then again after the year we just had, we could all use the break too.

Maybe I should speak to my son’s therapist on this one. I don’t want to burn ourselves out, but we really could use the flexibility too.

4 thoughts on “Final Day of Homeschool this Year

  1. I love how homeschooling helps us to figure all the life things out. I have had numerous health problems over the years, which really dented what I wanted to accomplish for the year. But we made it. Kuddos to you for finishing well.

    • It’s the first year for us so it’s been nerve wrecking. I just wish my extended family was more supportive about it. They can’t seem to see how much my son has come around from the burn out from public school and actually put forth effort this year.

      • I love “nerve wrecking”. It’s perfect. 🙂 Yeah, we don’t always get support from our families which makes relationships pretty strained. My grandfather tearfully pleaded with me to send my kids to a real school, and I have a college degree in education. Congrats on making it through your first year. I think it is the toughest, especially pulling kids our of the pubic school. You hung in there, great job!

      • You would think that you having a degree in education that you would have had all sorts of support and applause. I’m sorry he didn’t give it to you. I get why my dad fusses about it. He’s worried that I’ll miss some legality and screw up my oldest son’s future. That’s why I joined the national homeschool legal association, so I wouldn’t do that. lol He’s also worried that where we both have a mental illness that it will be too much of a strain on me. Well, that’s what the mental health professionals are there for. They have been highly supportive and were thrilled when my son chose mental health for his health subject this year. He went all out with it too and hospital staff were right there with resources the entire way. It was great. 🙂

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