Sunday BBQ Went Well

The BBQ well. The boys behaved themselves and didn’t even fuss too much when I applied the sunscreen – my oldest even drilled me about me putting it on. Nope, Topamax does not put me at increased risk for sun poisoning like Lamictal does so SPF 50 for you. No idea what my dad is taking for meds that increases his risk for it – I think it’s a diabetic med of some kind, but he says he just wears the long sleeve shirts and a hat to avoid the blisters. The boys won’t stand for it, so sunblock it is. It’s not your typical sunburn. I still have a scar on my face from a couple of years ago when I was taking Lamictal. Doesn’t help I’m ridiculously pale and burn easy to begin with. So be mindful of the medications that you are taking and check with your pharmacist about summer safety. Some increase sun sensitivity while others increase heat sensitivity. It doesn’t mean you can’t be outside enjoying the summer weather; just be careful as you do it.

Oh and my dad did bake a small loaf of bread for sampling just for my mother and I the night before. It was just big enough for the two of us to have 3 slices each. Perfect to settle to craving actually. He doesn’t know us well or anything now does he?

The BBQ was to celebrate both my dad’s birthday and Independence Day. Not sure why my dad wanted to wait so long for a party, but I guess he wanted to make sure as many of us could be there. Usually he doesn’t like birthday parties to be on the same day as holiday celebrations. He had fussed a bit that morning that he hadn’t gotten a Father’s Day gift. Not upset, just hinting that he knew it meant his gift was going to be big. It was. We got him a special ordered silver pocket watch. It came with a lifetime warranty. We had all chipped in for it. I was a little upset that it didn’t come engraved like we had planned, but I wasn’t the one in charge of ordering it. At least he liked it. He even joked that it was too nice to use. We even joked around about all the other pocket watches and wrist watches he’s had in the past that have inexplicably broken. One had the numbers inside fall off somehow. I think that is the one everyone thought was the funniest because it happened to a wrist watch and a pocket watch. Hopefully with this lifetime warranty if something weird should befall this watch, we can get it fixed for him.

The food was good. The kiddos were good. Everyone had a good time. For once there was not one single episode. I even had all 3 boys in bed by 9pm. I wish every day went this well.

The only down side of the day was getting a letter from DHHS stating that we didn’t qualify for Medicaid but I didn’t apply for Medicaid, I applied for their Katie Beckett program with the help from the staff over at the mental health hospital so something got messed up. The staff over there had said something about just applying and that DHHS would just switch it over and I tried to tell them it doesn’t work like that because there is a separate form. I know there is. I’ve read about it, but I don’t know where to get the forms I need. Looks like I just need to go to the DHHS office myself and tell them what I need and get it worked out personally. As usual. I wouldn’t care and wouldn’t bother but in our state in order for a child to get a case manager (advocate) the child needs to be covered by Medicaid because all the case management services are Medicaid only. They won’t charge other insurances and you can’t be private pay. Period. This is a major thorn in my side. Little Bear needs a case manager if I ever hope to get him an IEP, among other things. How irritating is that? It’s wrong. Just wrong. And it will never matter how many legal classes I take, this will never change. This school district will continue to play their games. But the moment a case manager walks in they start bending over backwards and yes you to death. It’s aggravating to no end. I could rant about this forever.

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