Apartment Blues

I posted nothing yesterday. Sorry. Not even my weekly assessment because I didn’t keep a mood tracker this week. Not sure why I didn’t bother with it.

Still at my parents’ house but my boys have reached their limit. They are all bugging me to go home. It rained off and on all day yesterday so yes, as soon as the sun comes up we ought to go home and check the apartment. I imagine that there will be a puddle in the kitchen waiting for us, maybe one in the bathroom, and most likely my oldest son’s bed will be wet too. This is all the places where the ceiling leaks every time it rains. Doesn’t matter that there is an attic above us. This is just what happens. I’ll have to make another phone call to tell them know and once again their idea of fixing it will be to go into the attic to patch things up. Yet I’m to blame for the mold in the walls…. because I’m negligent. Really what that woman wrote that stupid ass letter for is so that when I move out she can claim that I can’t get my security deposit back. Well I already talked to a lawyer about that. See, she didn’t present any receipts for repairs for me to sign nor does she have any proof that damage was caused by me given the fact their roof is bad – especially since they had lost insurance due to said roof. So guess what? Unless they present an itemized bill with receipts for damages beyond normal wear and use caused by my family, my security deposit has to be returned within 30 days after I move out. Period. And the lawyer told me if they tried to get away with it that not only can he win my case, but he can also win me my attorney fees on top of that. I almost got the impression that he is aware these assholes pull this shit all the time. Hell even my sister’s landlord has heard of them and their reputation of fucking people over with their rentals.

And yes I’ve kept that letter because it’s proof that she conducted an inspection of my home without a 24 hour notice that she is legally required to give. She called me a liar in that letter about the toilet leaking – it still leaks. The jonny ring in the base of it needs to be replaced and now the floor around it has suffered water damage. That letter proves that I did notify her of the leak and her denial of the problem. It has caused enough problems that the previous tenants that lived below had to repair the ceiling under my bathroom themselves. Far as I know they weren’t compensated for it. She moved her little family out shortly after that. I know she was pissed because she stomped up the stairs and pounded on my door to rant about it. Water was dripping into her apartment again. So I let her into my apartment. Showed her my ceiling. Showed her my bathroom. Showed her my kitchen sink. It was raining that day and we had buckets every where – even on my son’s bed. I told her that I don’t know what they are telling her but I assured her that we weren’t dumping water down into her apartment. I would pursue and fight this on a legal level in court if I had the money to do so, but I don’t and these people know it. None of us who live in this building do.

I was hoping that my sister’s landlord would have had their second floor unit remodeled by now. It would have been nice to relocate to a different school district and to a place where we would have been surrounded by people that understand our special needs – the landlord included. That sort of thing doesn’t happen often. The school district my sister lives in has an excellent reputation for those with special needs. I’ve heard a lot about it from other parents on Facebook. Many of them are really satisfied with the progress of their kiddos and how they, as parents, are being treated. Hell at this point I am even willing to consider moving an hour away from family to live closer to the hospital we go to if it means we get more wrap around services for the boys. Only problem with that is unless we qualify for the income based housing, we can’t afford to live in that area. The rent is significantly higher.

I wish I didn’t feel like my options were so constricted right now.

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