Portfolio Prep Stress

Still plugging away at getting the portfolio put together. I can’t believe that my son and I weren’t better organized this year. So far we have the segments complete for Math, English and Language Arts, and Science completed. The attendance chart and the samples of our journal entries from each quarter has been placed in as well. I went with the journal entries rather than the course plan since I did record in the day planner each day what we actually did each day this year. I feel it’s more accurate and it helps explain the wonky attendance given how Little Bear became unstable this year and put the family in crisis. So the day planner shows us juggling home schooling with all of that plus everything else.

Currently trying to find all of the Social Studies assignments and deciding which ones will be going into the portfolio. I seriously thought I had him type them all into the computer and save them on a USB drive. I seriously regret that I didn’t document all of our discussions. Come to find out, documented discussions can be filed in the portfolio as samples for review as proof of instruction and learning. I guess I need to learn the art of dictation because we had a lot of really good discussions in both Social Studies and Health. But then again, there is value in having a short quiz the next day to test one’s understanding of said discussion. Frustrating part is in finding those quizzes!

Still need to put in Fine Arts, Phys.Ed./Health, and Library Skills. Then the portfolio will be complete. I asked my sister to help me sort all this out last week but she said she wasn’t free to come over until this coming Wednesday afternoon. I am hoping to have it all done by then so she can just help me make sure it’s good to be rushed mailed with a late fee and then have a sisters day with her.

I have got to figure out a better way to organize this in advance as we go this coming year so that next time this portfolio prepping process isn’t as stressful, as messy, or as late. Ideally it would be to just assemble the portfolio as we go through the year. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about the last minute anything, lost papers, forgotten resources, etc. Doing it the way we are this year is driving me bonkers and seriously not the way to do it.

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