Today I’m allowing my husband take the boys out to his father’s place for the day. My father doesn’t agree with it. Too bad. My therapist has been preaching self care pretty hard to me for some time and she made the point to do so again before my husband arrived. Besides it does no one any good if I’m antagonistic about his visit.

My dad is preaching all this shit about he doesn’t trust my husband. Yes, the man went off the road during Christmas vacation. The roads were icy and we had to pull him out of the ditch. He lives in the south where it never snows. It’s where he got his license. Does good weather suddenly make a good driver? No. But does this give me permission to be a bitch a pick a fight? No. To my knowledge he hasn’t been in an accident in good weather. So I can’t hold this against him in good weather. Furthermore when it comes to Little Bear legally I can’t afford to deny him much. Not if I plan to follow through and file for divorce. I need to follow through with my own speech about doing what’s best for these boys. Running around being nasty and picking fights is not what’s best for anyone. Ever.

I just hope the day goes well for them all today.

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