Mapping My Eyes Out

Well the boys went out with Daddy again for the entire day and I stayed at my parents farting around on the computer tinkering with Minecraft maps. Yea, the entire day. Real excitement right there. Started out with WorldPainter for the first half of the day and decided I wasn’t happy with it and switched over to TerrainControl to mess with it’s random terrain generator settings. Still working on it to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I like Minecraft and I love making custom maps. I post them over at PlanetMinecraft for fellow players to download. I guess I just felt maybe I should have been out and about or something? Instead here it is 1am the following wee hours of the morning and I’m still tinkering with this same map. But I suppose this is how one manages their anxiety when they don’t want to actually deal with shit. Like husbands and presidential politics. Well, it’s how this toad does it anyway.

Been trying to reboot the family server for awhile now but I guess I’ve been too picky with how I want things or something because the server has been down for several months now. I get tired of the kiddos across the family units fighting or all the family members spreading out and not actually playing together. So I downsized the server package. No point in having it big enough to support Multiverse with multiple worlds if everyone is going to play solo. One world, one map is enough for the server I think. I believe it was version 1.8 that introduced the feature of controlling the size of the world border as well. I’ll be able to limit how far the family can explore with that setting. It should reduce lag and keep everyone together. I don’t understand the point of logging onto a server if you’re going to play solo with a game that allows you to play solo offline.

Anyway, my husband brought the boys home half an hour late. No apology and no explanation other than he tried to hurry back without breaking the law. In other words, he didn’t manage the time well. Nobody died, nobody got hurt, they all stayed away from the water, and they all had a good time. I left well enough alone. After he left I found out he hadn’t fed them dinner either. But he was more than willing to drop them off with each a 20oz. Mt. Dew in their hand at 6:30pm. Awesome. Surprisingly the oldest two went to sleep fairly quick but you guessed it, Little Bear not so much. However it seems he has inherited my hay fever issues and this year has not been kind to him at all. Benadryll saved the day – or night rather. He finally passed out around 10pm after a bunch of antics. Phew.

Maybe I should call it quits too and pretend to sleep? In case you are wondering what the heck I’m talking about with all this map making biz, here’s a screenshot. I hope my family with be pleased to know that I’ll be keeping the Nether/Jungle blend biome from the Nova world with this new map. The map will still be here waiting for me when I get up. Since I won’t be using the MythicMobs plugin anymore it’s not like I’ll find that the exploding chickens have blown everything up in my absence. Yea that was thing on the old map. Good times.


Created with the Terrain Control beta plugin for Minecraft version 1.10 on a private Spigot server to make sure it’s compatible. Screenshot is using the VanillaBDCraft Texture Pack.


4 thoughts on “Mapping My Eyes Out

  1. When my kids were young and I would miraculously have a free day, I would be so overwhelmed by the possibilities that I would end up just wasting time. So I understand where you are coming from. Your map or setting looks like fun. I hope you can get some sleep.

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