Tired, Just Tired

I love how when I’m trying to read a blog post and I’m scrolling down and I accidentally click on the little floating follow button near the bottom right corner of my screen. I was already following the author so this means I unfollowed the person so of course it means I need to click it again to follow them again. It’s bad enough when this happens once. It’s even worse when I do it more than once in the same post. And I know this means that WordPress notifies the author every time the click happens. So if for some reason you get spammed about being followed it’s because I’m being tired, clumsy, and feeling horribly dumb. Just want to put that out there. And yea this has happened more than once already since I’ve joined WordPressed. In fact, it happened today. So I’m sorry and I don’t expect a response. Just wanted to put that out there before I getting into the rest of my day.

Speaking of being tired, how is it being around just one person in a single day can make you so damn tired? I can’t wait for my husband’s vacation to be over and for him to be headed back to the Army. I know this is horrible of me to say, but this is how it’s been for me every single day of his leave.

Tomorrow morning I have my own therapy appointment. Tomorrow afternoon is Little Bear’s med clinic appointment that my husband plans to attend as well. I have every intention to meet with a lawyer the following day to get the divorce process started one way or another. Whether my husband settles out of court on my terms or not this is getting done. If he comes with me and settles fine. If not, I’m not going to sit then and argue with him. I will tell the lawyer to just process everything to have it sent to the courthouse to have a judge decide. I’m done playing games.

I wish I could tell my therapist that I had started this before seeing her, but the portfolio was time sensitive and needed my immediate attention. That made it to the homeschool ministry on time by the way according to the USPS tracker. Got there on July 29th. So that’s one less thing to worry about. As for getting the neuropsych eval scheduled, I will call them as soon as my husband gets on that plane. I’m in no mood for a fight about this. Little Bear needs that eval. Period.

So tired of fighting about things that shouldn’t need to be fought about. I mean we’re talking about the well-being of a child here. You would think that getting a neuropsych eval wouldn’t be such a bone of contention but for some reason it is. Personally I do want the peace of mind knowing for damn sure what is and isn’t going on. Once you know, you then have the power to do something about it. My husband doesn’t see it that way. At all. Far as he’s concerned this is all bullshit that the mental health professionals are making up as they go. If that was the case I would be worse off now than I was before.

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