Someone Has A Key

As you know I’ve been staying over at my parents’ house while waiting for the bedrooms to be fixed up. Since the school year started with the boys actually. Been trying to check on the apartment every week to make sure everything is alright, grab the mail, etc.

For a long time now since we moved into this apartment I have felt like there has been someone that has been coming in here messing with our belongings. There was even one time that someone wrecked my Autistic son’s room – the only son that keeps his things orderly – and a bunch of DS games went missing. Our landlord seemed unconcerned and everyone seemed to think that my youngest was to blame. But here’s the thing about it, all three boys each had a copy of the same DS game and all three copies of that game went missing that day. If one of the boys were to blame that boy would have kept his copy.

Anyway, one kind visitor to my blog gave me advice on how to rig my door to prove to my mind that someone is in fact coming in unauthorized and not my brain playing tricks on me. Setting it up requires opening, shutting, and locking the door a specific way so as not to “trip” the set up.

Well sure enough today I stopped by to check on things and the door had been “tripped”. So I checked around and found that my circuit breaker box was wide open and had been messed with. I also found the heater UNPLUGGED. Like what the hell? My freezer compartment smelled spoiled too. Everything in the fridge and freezer needs to be thrown away now. Didn’t find anything missing as far as I can tell, but seriously what. the. fuck. This isn’t the first time I’ve come home to find weird ass shit like this, but at least by rigging the door I now know for certain someone is letting themselves in with a key.

I’m not being paranoid or losing my mind here. Someone is in fact fucking with me and my family for whatever reason and they have been doing it for some time.

If it was the landlord legally they needed to call me in advance and they have my parents’ phone number on the lease AND they have already demonstrated that they know where my parents live by showing up on that very weird day last month with the “crying child” complaint. Legally they can’t come in there to do anything with circuit breaker without a 24 notice. What possible kind of emergency could there have been to require that? NONE. Also, why are they unplugging my heat registers when I’m the one paying for the heat?

So if not them, then who? Someone has a key to my apartment because there is no signs of forced entry. My paranoid mind wants to say if it’s the landlord then they are trying to set me up for damages. The alternative is someone is trying to trigger an episode. Neither scenario is something I want to think about because it means nothing good.

In any case I told my parents about all of this. How I rigged the door, the evidence of it being tripped, and what I found. Dad told me that I need to start bringing everything I can – starting with the most important and portable things first – over now. He also said I need to put in my notice of intent to move now. I’ve already drafted it. Time to mail it. This ends now. Time to cut my losses and leave as quietly and quickly as possible.

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    • I have only ever rented since 19 and this is the first time I have ever had this happen. I’ve had grumpy landlords and friendly ones, but not weirdos like this one that never fix anything. People are telling me to take police/legal action etc. but every time I have done what little I have done – like go to a lawyer for legal advice – it’s only gotten worse. This is a rural area where everyone is attached to that damn grapevine. So if you aren’t related to that person, you are friends with them. On Facebook I discovered I have about 15-20 people that also have the wife on their friends list. That’s how small and entangled this community is. So yes I COULD take legal action but you can’t tell me it won’t have long lasting ramifications down the road. I’m not even sure if moving out won’t have a ripple effect. I think the only other possible reason I’m not getting the eviction notice they have the legal right to give me is because of who my uncle is. But if it’s legal and I don’t contest it, he won’t get involved. I’m guessing they don’t see it that way. Instead it’s all a bunch of weird legal gray and I feel that because of my illness they have plausible deniability in all of it which pisses me off.

      Mom checked on rental storage units for me in case I need it and said the average cost is only about $75 a month around here – $100 at most. So that’s a lot cheaper than what I’m paying right now.

      • Gosh! Sounds hectic. I had a weirdo landlord ( I actually BOUGHT my own flat because my experience with landlords has been sooooo bad. Landlords tend to have their own little power trip going on and relish the ability to control and abuse people. I’m really sorry you’re going through such a stressful time

      • Just emptied out EVERYTHING from my fridge and freezer. I don’t trust any of it to be safe given how the circuit panel has been messed with and it all smells. Even the freezer compartment smells. I also found my cordless phone unplugged today. Like what the hell? I’m telling you it feels like whomever is doing this is trying to make me feel like either I’m haunted or I’m losing my mind. It’s bullshit and I’m glad I have been documented it all to keep track of it.

      • Yea I know. It’s like I had never thought to use nanny cams because I don’t hire babysitters for my kids, but now I’m wishing I did have those things in my home anyway just so I would have something on video to take to the police.

      • Like I said, this is the first time I have run into this and I honestly have to wonder if it is because I am now diagnosed with Bipolar because before this I went undiagnosed. I live in a very rural area where pretty much everyone is related to you, or knows you, or knows someone related to you. So there is no “hiding my diagnosis” around here like some asshole on Facebook accused me of bringing it on myself for disclosing my diagnosis. I didn’t. Not in the beginning. I did have to disclose my need for accommodations for my sons in regards to some safety features that by law they had to grant. I had to add extra locks to the doors because I have a son that is a flight risk. And then I’ve had to take my youngest to the hospital so many times while living there. I’m sure a little snooping around was all that it took to trigger some of the odd conversations I’ve had with these people.

      • I appreciate it. It’s part of the reason I started the blog. I found myself using Facebook raising awareness of our disorders and conditions but some reason I found that this disconnect still existed. It’s not that anyone on my friend list called me a liar or anything, but the advice I often get isn’t typically useful. It’s like we are so far beyond what they live with. And then some of my friends who are like us started urging me to launch a real blog in an effort to reach more people. And by not using my real name I feel I can speak more openly about some things. Like this apartment stuff and some of the family stuff that I can’t do on my Facebook wall. I don’t need to censor myself here the way I do over there.

      • I tell you my blog has helped so much. Its a kind community and we can support one another in a practical way, we empathise because we understand one another. And the anonymity adds freedom to our expression. I’m glad you joined 🙂

  1. What the everlasting fuck????!!!! I was going to suggest a nanny cam until I got to the part where you’re going to be leaving permanently. Which is probably the best idea. Such a scary thought that someone has been in your apartment.

    • Yeah I can’t live with that knowing now for sure someone is coming in there. @_@ Before I thought I was just being paranoid and thought “maybe I had just misplaced it” or “maybe I had thought I put it somewhere else” kind of thing. But yesterday I couldn’t tell myself those things. I know I would have never messed with the circuit switches to ruin the food in my freezer and I did rig up the door to prove to myself that I’m not imagining all this. I can only guess who is doing it but at least now I know for a fact someone is doing it. At least my parents didn’t try to minimize this and they believed me. Before I would get things like, “Your house is such a mess how can you tell?” I think though yesterday that the stuff done was just too highly particular.

      • Yeah that’s a mess. But, like you said, at least now you know for sure. I would have been the same way, thinking that maybe I was imagining things. Glad you’re getting out of there.

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