Follow Up to the Key Post

Of course my husband calls tonight after not calling for almost TWO WEEKS and of course he doesn’t want to talk to me. Whatever, fine.

I did get my Notice of Intent to Vacate mailed in today so moving our things has begun. Spent all day today cleaning out my fridge and freezer. I felt nothing in the freezer was safe and everything in the fridge had molded. I didn’t even try to save the plastic dishes. Just wasn’t worth it to me. I just grabbed trash bags and chucked it all out. Tomorrow I will scrub it all down.

We also filled the car up with all the clean laundry we could fit into the car. I can’t believe how much clothing has been collected over the years. People have been very kind to us and keep donating clothes and I just take them. Sometimes they fit somebody and sometime not. Either way I’m the one left trying to sort out bags and bags of clothes. It’s frustrating. I think it was a year ago I started telling people no on this one but I’m still trying to get through all of it. It really is that much. Dad and my brother were working on the rooms upstairs when Scholar Owl and I got back so the laundry is still in my car.

And of course the migraine decided to hit full force at that point. No aura. No warning. Just BAM! I struggled to remain with it and present but I kept blacking out on the living room chair. Still need to get my writing done for NaNoWriMo but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. My head still hurts and the boys still need dinner.

3 thoughts on “Follow Up to the Key Post

  1. I’m not surprised about the migraine. Bummed, but not surprised. All that stress was bound to make that migraine pop. I hope you are feeling better today

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