NaNoWriMo Day 7 – Total Word Count 12447

Given how my personal goal is 10,000 more than the event’s 50,000 I can say that I’m not doing too bad right now. Still shy of hitting the mark but not terribly far behind and the novel isn’t going completely south in the way of the plot. The characters have taken a few odd turns on me but I think it’s still doable. I guess I can write an outline for a plot driven story but I’m still a character driven writer. I admit, I expected that.

Thankfully though the outline is keeping me focused on what I’m aiming to do here. I’m just hoping that I don’t write myself into a corner somewhere. Already I have jumped ahead in some places of the outline with some points because it felt like it made more sense to be there. It just felt like it NEEDED to be said then and not later. And then other things came up that I did not expect at all.

Like the suggested relationship between Detective Ryker and Lisha. So I don’t know what I’m going to do with that. Are they just friends? Business partners? More than that? No idea. Originally had no plans for them to know each other, but these two had other ideas. It felt right, it happened, and now I’m running with it. See?

I’m a pantster at heart and being a character driven writer on top of that everything is about personality and motive. It’s all about what drives the person and what makes them tick. When someone says something to you, why do you respond the way you do? There is a reason for that. Might not be a great reason, but there is a reason. Typically that’s what drives my stories forward.

This time though I was hoping to see it be more about “the plot” rather than “action and reaction” between characters. Hopefully I’m maintaining a balance here.

Meanwhile I’ve also got more cleaning, packing, and moving still to do with all this writing going on. Managed to get my futon hauled over to my parents’ house yesterday and upstairs into what will be my bedroom and our living room. Got to sleep on it last night. Brought the last two computers over two. Had my computer all set up only to realize I forgot my keyboard and the power cord for the router. I only took the unit of the router to prevent the landlady from using the Wi-Fi last week. Doesn’t help me though. Oh well, more to do today.

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