Bonus Episode for Today

I spent the morning packing and moving stuff. Emptied out both bathrooms in the apartments and cleaned out one entire cabinet in the kitchen. Yes I could have done more but Scholar Owl didn’t seem particularly interested in helping me with the lifting that I can’t do.

I may need to just settle with packing things and have some other family member come over on the weekend to haul it out for me. Not sure what else to do. I can’t function with this much pain everyday. I haven’t been keeping track of the times or how often, but I do know that I have been taking 800mg of the Ibuprophen for my back each time and that’s just enough so I can move. It doesn’t make the pain go away.

So I ended up spending the rest of the day writing and I got another episode finished. I was really worried that this particular one would write me into a corner given how things have played out so far. Character personalities have driven the story in such a way that some extra twists have found their way in and then another one came along into this episode. Not to mention some seriously awkward character development.

I did not plan for Thomas to have angst in his personality. It’s not something you really see in him when he’s the antagonist. He’s always a punk and a pain in the ass. But in his defense, this is sort of a “reboot/prequel/origin” story type of thing going on here. I’m kind of looking at all of my short stories as source material and just taking creative license with all of it to some extent. So in that respect I have to apologize to any of those who may have read any of my Tales of the Phoenix series.

I know, Celeste doesn’t look like that in the series but that was before I researched Waardenburg Syndrome and discovered it’s a dominant inherited genetic disorder. So if Thomas looks a certain way because of the disorder and she is his mother… she has to look that way too and so does his aunt… and so on of everyone in that direct genetic line. Sometimes being a nerd and having a fascination for this sort of thing is glaring, isn’t it? Just like how this disorder can also cause a certain type of hearing loss that may include tinnitus. I decided that Thomas would have that and I’ve been trying to describe it without directly saying it and today I just realized that I may have also indirectly been inflicting upon him the same symptoms of panic attacks that I have. Quite often my tinnitus gets worse just before the onset of one.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited that I’ve been able to kick out this extra episode. It should help take off some of the pressure for tomorrow. In any case I hope it didn’t come out to awkward or weird.

Experiment #5 – Episode 6

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