Still Writing, Still Thinking, Still Alive

Just when I thought that I might have set my goals too high for NaNo with a word count 60k for my book, I received a lot of encouragement and support over at the over achievers forum at the NaNo site. No, I’m not like many of them with goals of 100k words but they were kind and uplifting. I’m still very much ahead of the game so to speak and given all I have going on, I’m actually doing well. Even with the move. I’m still doing well. I’ve located two new places that have self storage units. I just need to swing by and see if they have units available and find out their prices. Then hopefully I can make shit happen.

I got to bed early (kind of, for me) last night and I even got an uninterrupted shower this morning. *gasp* Like, how did that happen??! No one screaming for me. No disaster occurred. No World War III broke out while I was in there. Life, the universe, and everything did not come to an end. It was almost creepy and because of that I couldn’t really stay in there long. But hey, I got that shower – and survived. I deserve a medal. How did I pull this miracle off? I waited until the younger two got on the bus and got in there before the oldest one revived himself. Basically, I totally cheated this morning. I think this will be my new plan. *cue evil laughter*

Sadly this was all for an appointment that was a two hour drive away. I got the confirmation call for it yesterday and I just got the cancellation call this morning. The doctor is sick. Now I have to sit here all day to wait for a phone call to get a reschedule for this appointment because she said they would be calling me back. This was for Little Bear’s intake so he can get screened so that hopefully he can finally get his IEP at school. It’s not just for the IEP. He needs the full neuropsych eval done so everyone can stop fighting about what’s going on. It will also mean that he will get the dyslexia screening done too. If that comes out positive, then the school’s hands will be tied. They will HAVE to provide an IEP and not just for the dyslexia. They will then have to include everything else this boy has going on because it all impacts the dyslexia. Nothing exists in a vacuum.

So my oldest son is bummed. He was looking forward to a break in the routine and a change of pace. He was going to come along with me as my navigator. Now I’m stuck at home waiting for a phone call that is most likely not going to come today and it’s raining outside. Dad says it’s supposed to rain all day, which means Scholar Owl won’t be able to find something to do outside and most likely my apartment will have an unauthorized visitor again.

This woman that I have been calling landlady turns out to be the one coming into my home. She admitted to messing with the circuit breaker – claims that she was “just checking on things” but didn’t realize that she shut anything off. The problem is, she said all this in front of my father and brother and Tuxedo Cat’s dad. She admitted to peeling the paint and plaster off the ceiling where it was leaking water from the rain. She admitted to coming in “just to check on things” because I haven’t been home. She admitted that she doesn’t own the building and isn’t a business partner. This means legally she shouldn’t have keys. And even if she did, legally in my state she can’t come in without a 24 hour advanced notice OR there is an emergency. Neither was the case. There was no emergency and there was no notice. She now made herself and my landlord liable for EVERYTHING – damages, losses, and all missing items in that apartment.

There is a part of me that wants to write a formal letter to my legal landlord informing him of all this with my thoughts on the matter and tell him that THIS is the real reason why he received my notice of intent to vacate because THIS has been going on for quite some time and THIS is bullshit. My dad said I should demand my security deposit back in return to compensate for my losses, because now they can’t prove any of the damages were not from me or my family. This whole thing is a nightmare and this woman was trying to fish from me how much of all this I had in writing with the landlord. So it’s clear to me that he hasn’t been communicating with her at all. She has been acting on her own here. And I have no doubt now that she is the reason my boys’ games and my Xbox sensor bar have gone missing.

Shit like this… I really just want to wash my hands of it and walk away as fast as I can. I can’t wait to be done with it. Tell you what, the next time I rent I will be very tempted to have nanny cams set up in my home because of all this shit. That way if this ever happens again I will have solid proof that people can’t argue against. I’m tired of being dismissed as crazy and paranoid. And in the end I was proved right and now I’m being told I should have called the police ages ago – by the same people that dismissed me.

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