Mid-November Crunch

So yesterday in terms of moving, it was a completely wasted day because I was stuck sitting by the phone waiting for a call to reschedule the neuropsych appointment that never happened. Kind of knew that’s how it was going to play out, but I also knew that the moment I left was the moment these people would call. It’s Murphy’s Law.

On the upside, I kicked out almost 4k words on my book while I waited and learned that there is a self storage unit company not far from here advertising in the paper. They’re cheaper than the company I was trying to get into. If they’re advertising in the paper it means they have empty units and it’s the same company I had just Googled on the map earlier and wrote down on a list to check out. Mom found the ad in the paper and showed me. I compared the info and told her I’ll be talking to them. Some reason Dad would prefer that I go this one than the other one I have on my list. I think it’s because this one is out back in the middle of no where so to speak while the other place is on the main drag. Cars just fly by so I do think it would be hard to get in and out of there.

Anyway, it’s hard to believe that here it is in the middle of November and I’m still not really any closer to moved out of that damned apartment. I’m ahead of my word count at the moment and today I don’t have any appointments. Yes, they might call today but I just can’t sit all day again today either. Tomorrow I have to take Little Bear to his med clinic appointment in the afternoon so there goes half the day. And if things go Dad’s way, this weekend will be spent moving things. Which means I HAVE to have things boxed up and ready to go for them to be actually moved.

And again, you watch if I don’t have it all ready I’ll get an ear full about how I lack motivation and how I’m lazy, etc. Somehow I’m expected to do all this shit by myself. I have no idea how I’m going to pull this rabbit out of my ass and make this happen. I just know I need to.

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