One Step Forward

Finally got a hold of someone with a storage unit available. It’s the one on the main drag believe it or not. Yup. The one that it felt like my parents wanted me to avoid for the sole reason of its location. They have just 10×12 sized units available for $60 per month but they are ready NOW. I’ll take it.

And sure enough, Dad said last night I could use my car by myself to move all my boxes myself in the morning to move all my stuff and “maybe” my brother will be available this Monday to move everything else out into it. He just told me this unit was about 6 feet smaller than the shed he built this summer. I don’t think he realizes how much stuff is in that 3 bedroom apartment. I don’t even have everything packed yet. Yes, thank you. I love watching the goal posts rise up for absolutely no reason.

I have no idea how I’m going to get this done with the boys in tow. A part of me is tempted to have Scholar Owl babysit Little Bear and Tuxedo Cat since they will all be at my parents’ house and technically an adult will be there with them. Legally a 15 year old is totally permitted to babysit, that’s not the issue here. I just have this sinking sensation that this is asking for a disaster of some kind to occur. Not to mention I know that my parents will feel that I dumped my kids on them without asking, even if I say Scholar Owl is babysitting.

But this needs to get done. As it was I had to wait for them to leave the house while they were out helping a friend with trees (for birds?) to make the phone call I did to get this storage unit. And yeah, I did just up and call the one on the main drag because they recently added a new building. Kind of made sense to me and it paid off too. The guy won’t be there in the morning but the guy understood I needed the unit right away and said the form I needed to fill out with the unit number on it will be waiting for me in the office mailbox. Just need to fill it out, put it and the check in the envelope, and slip it in the office. He would send me back the receipt Monday. I have to get myself my own lock for the unit. No one else is getting the damn key. I’m done with that shit.

Little Bear’s appointment went well yesterday. Pretty much a run down over him going through the past week of what I’m going through. He’s cranking up too and with the move, time change, and coming holiday no one (myself included) is of the mind to make any med chances on such a little body. Much better to first get things settled down, reset the routine, and see what happens first. His sleep is still stable for the most part. Only the past few days has he tried to stay up 30 minutes late and the last two school days he struggled to get ready for school. He didn’t really fight with me, just had a hard time waking up. Little Bear has already started to ask me how many days left to Christmas. So… there’s that.

So here’s to another step forward. Let’s hope I don’t have any backward steps in the process today.

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