I Finished My NaNo “Vomit Draft”


Yup, I did it. Validated it about an hour ago at 51,328 words too. Not the 60k words I was aiming for but I have reached the end of my outline and I think that’s pretty good.

So I’ve cracked open those Djarum Blacks and lit one up. Not going to worry about the revision process just yet. I still have the rest of NaNo to go. I suppose I could tinker around with random short stories… I could. Maybe… Or I could explore additional scenes in the book. Who knows? As longs I’m writing, yes? That’s the entire point of this month.

And there’s lots of moving still to get done. Could just let go and focus on that too. Nah… lol this has been way too much fun if I’m to be truly honest with myself. It just feels good to finally say I’ve done it.

Yeah I know, there’s still a lot of work to be done with it but the story has finally made its way out. The seed is here at last to be cultivated and grown into something greater. I’ve never had that much before. I’ve always been afraid. I don’t need to be anymore. I’ve got this.


12 thoughts on “I Finished My NaNo “Vomit Draft”

  1. Wow, congratulations! I’m sure to be posting a similar message in a few days, lol. Unfortunately, my outline won’t be done when NaNo is… But it’s so great your story wrapped up so perfectly at 51k. You truly are an inspiration!

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