Sorry, I’m VERY Tired

The fourth installment of the Chaos Pen series is coming, I promise. I do have it started. It’s just things have seriously ramped up with the packing and cleaning the last couple of days now. I’ve been trying to keep notes of how all that’s been going on the mood tracker so sadly that’s going to be a serious ranting info dump of a news letter of sorts. Sorry about that. I counted and added the 1875 words I wrote for today and now I’m going to bed given the fact it’s almost midnight and I haven’t reaching the rising action phase of the story yet. Yeah… about that.. this piece seems to demand that it be told from two points of view so that’s what I’m doing. It also feels like it’s escalating the story forward pretty quick too. I’ve had to rework the outline a few times. Nice thing is I could always just write prequel stuff I guess. I don’t know I’m tired and my brain is telling me to quit already. Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? I have? Yeah… can’t wait for this to be done already. This sucks. I’m struggling to keep up. I’m tired of the boys not cooperating.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, I’m VERY Tired

    • Well Moving Anxiety is a real thing and doesn’t help with that either and I’m moving 5 minutes up the road. You should have seen me the time when we lived in family housing and we moved across the lawn from a 1 bedroom to a 2 bedroom apartment. @_@ Shortest move of my life but the worst as well. I never did really get fully unpacked and settled in to that second apartment.

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