The End is Near

Little Bear’s room got fully packed and vacuumed out yesterday. Mom came with us and took full command of Scholar Owl’s room and got that completely packed as well. Those two spent the entire day in that room to get it done.

My brother and I wrangled the younger two to keep focused in that other room as we took down curtains and other hardware. Once Little Bear’s room was done they were mostly underfoot but I wasn’t taking them back to the house until we were done for the day so we had to wrangle with them some more to stay out of the way and find them things to do while we got things done.

My brother also broke down the bed frames and got them loaded up in Dad’s truck. Managed to get all but my dresser in the truck too. Tuxedo Cat’s father showed up just in time to haul out the beat up couch to the dumpster.

I mean it is DEAD. Mom and I somehow managed to coax the folding bed out of it one last time to check and make sure nothing was hiding in it. Good thing too because we found the penguin beanie baby that went missing that I thought Little Bear had lost on an outing. I hadn’t said anything because he hadn’t said anything and I was hoping we’d find it at home during the process of packing. Boy wasn’t he happy to have his “baby” back – almost as happy as he was when Mom stitched up the giant one (the seam in the neck came undone, which mortified him).

So now all that’s left is to finish clearing out the boxes and furniture and to pack the kitchen and the stuff I put in my room to be sorted. Two days left and I hope I have time in there to clean.

It irritates me to know that I could have had six months to do all this and it would have still come down to the wire to get this shit done. I know I have asked for help with this way back in September. Granted the one time my sister did come was in September and we ended up wasting the evening talking but then the downstairs neighbor complained about stomping all night. We weren’t even there all night. The following day was when she showed up with the crazy ass “landlady” at my parents’ house wanting to know where my children were claiming she could hear crying in my apartment.

This whole thing pisses me off. Everything about this pisses me off. No one should have to live in a place like this or deal with shit like this. I’m just glad my boys are sleeping better now. I’m hoping that once I’m out of this place it will be over.

Mom wants me to take photos of all the rooms once we get everything out. apparently she doesn’t think it will be over or something. But then again, that “landlady” did let herself in and peel paint and plaster off the ceiling when she messed with the circuit breaker to “check on things” and didn’t seem to understand why it was a big deal when she told us about it when my brother and Tuxedo Cat’s father took my futon out to the truck that night.

What she did was illegal and I’m willing to bet she will later try to blame it on me and say I can’t have my security deposit back but I only paid $500 for security and what Little Bear did with crayons and markers on the textured walls alone lost me that. I don’t know who’s idea it was to give any wall that much texture is beyond me. We’re talking almost half an inch deep in places. That’s the kind of texture they put on these walls for a family unit. They must spray paint it.

4 thoughts on “The End is Near

  1. My landlord did the exact same thing – came in and broke things when I was at work, then took the cost off the deposit. By that stage my thought was – I’ll PAY him to leave me alone. Well done! Moving is not easy. Especially with little ones. I think you’ve done a fantastic job

    • Thanks I’m just tired of dealing with it and my dad told me tonight that both of them are worried about how much this has gotten me so worked up along with everything else I’m dealing with. My parents know I have paranoia as it is and what this lady has been doing has been sending it right off the charts. Before I started this blog there was a while there I was really doubting my mind and then she admitted to me and my father that she’s been going in there doing stuff. @_@ Like what the heck?! If it weren’t for the crap going on with my husband I’d fight these people in court. Instead I have to choose my battles.

      • Snap with the paranoia. It really makes you doubt your own sanity. You’ve been going through so much. I think you’ve handled it all very well. I usually find I cope, barely, through the shit storm. But its passed is when I go wonky. So take care once dust has settled. Take is slow and be gentle with yourself

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