Be Still My RE Heart!

Resident Evil 7 Pre-Review

I honestly have no idea when this game is coming out. Some time next year. I have posted little bit about Minecraft so a few of you are already aware that I’m a gamer. I’ve been with the Resident Evil franchise since the very beginning. Hard to believe it’s been out that long already, but I still play the first game from time to time. In fact Scholar Owl just got me the HD port of the REmake for the Xbox One for my birthday awhile back – much to my father-in-law’s concern. Just goes to show how little some people know me. Didn’t matter to me that I still have the PS1 copy kicking around in storage somewhere. Or a copy for the GameCube… or… yeah you get the idea. This game. I don’t know. It’s just great.

Anyhow, I’ve enjoyed the entire series – including RE6. I liked where they went with the story even though I suck with the play style they introduced in it. I have never been good with shooters. NEVER. And to me it felt like one. Heck I even bought Operation Raccoon City and it IS a shooter, and I suck at it, but I like it. I’m told that for a shooter it isn’t that good. I don’t know I’m not a shooter kind of gal. I’ve said I suck in this arena right?

I’m just thrilled to see them continue the series. It was sad to hear that Silent Hill was permanently shelved. The storyline for that franchise had promise and I think of them all the second game did it best for the series in terms of atmosphere. Now unless the rights are sold to someone else, the Silent Hill story will remain in the dark recesses of some dusty shelf with cobwebs in a closet somewhere to be forgotten by all but a few.

That day hasn’t come for Resident Evil. And I think that’s important. Capcom has always been willing to make commentary with this franchise along with their other one, Dead Rising. It’s commentary we need to pay attention to. I don’t see anyone talk about it when they talk about these games. They talk about the graphics, the music, the engine, etc. but they seldom touch upon the essence of the content. The ethics of science. The ethics of government. The ethics of military. The ethics of medicine. That moral dilemma of the many versus the few. The corruption of greed.

I will never forget the day how Scholar Owl exploded in rage during the cut scene for the big reveal in Dead Rising 2 while I was playing it. He was so angry to learn that it was a pharmaceutical company behind it all. What right did they have to sacrifice and kill thousands to make medicine that only delays the deaths of millions? Him and I have since had many other conversations around these two franchises alone. Why did research begin in the first place? Why was it militarized? Should they have stopped themselves at some point? And so on. And yes, I take distinct pleasure in playing Devil’s Advocate in these conversations after having been in research labs over at the college campus. I completely get why and how this shit could go the way it does in both these franchises.

And this is why I love this series. As long as the story continues to deliver, I will continue to play. Just expect me to die a bazillion times in the process of getting through it.

6 thoughts on “Be Still My RE Heart!

  1. My sons play video games a lot. I tried once. It was a first person shooter game and I thought I was kicking butt and spent most of the time laughing at the idiot who was spinning in a circle, shooting the ground. I was sneaking up behind that person (having dispatched everyone else) when I commented on how great I was doing for my first time and how that guy was dead meat. My son laughed and said, “You ARE that idiot and I’m the guy behind you.”

    • LOL Yeah… I know how that is. I gets better with practice. I prefer the shooters you can play solo that have a storyline. I am such a sucker for interactive stories!

      Don’t play Jericho. That shooter is HARD and I still haven’t beaten it. Sad really because I’m a Clive Barker fan and I so want to see the story play out in it. I don’t think I’ve gotten past the second chapter. I’m told the game is brutal even for experienced players.

      • I’m a total The Walking Dead freak so my son got me the video game. I was eaten so often when I started playing I started to think it was a game with three scenes! I finally admitted (to myself but never my sons) that I’m too darned old for video games! I’m happy just to be able to move beyond rotary dial phones! lol

      • lol Nyuuuu… you’re never too old for games. It’s just as we get older we start to realize that some of these games are built with unnecessary bullshit. lol

      • The speed of smell? That must be my problem too. lol I never thought I was that bad with games until my sons started playing… I have since been schooled.

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