10 Days and Counting…

Forgive me if I appear to lack holiday cheer. The holiday season has always been hectic for me with the boys but since getting married it’s become highly problematic and now that my husband has joined the Army it’s become… I don’t know. Each time the closer his leave gets, the more agitated/upset/anxious I become. One should not feel this way about their spouse. Ever. The worst part of it all is I’m only now starting to sort out why I feel this way .

I just reviewed my mood tracker for this week after checking when he’s supposed to get here. Counting today there are 10 days left until his arrival. Is there a connection between his arrival date and my messed up sleep pattern and irritation? Believe so. It’s 6am right now and I haven’t gone to sleep yet. Don’t even feel remotely tired yet.


I cannot even begin to explain how or why the Lex Luthor portrayed in this film reminded me so much of my husband, but it did… speech patterns, interactions, movements, expressions, tone, physical aspects… so much of it there and it creeps me the fuck out. Watching this character on the screen with my husband in the room watching it with us was surreal to say the least. So I’m thinking whatever nickname I come up for him to use on here should be Lex inspired. I’m sure he’d be flattered. He really liked the character in this movie. I think I would have been less weirded out if my husband hadn’t always more or less behaved like this character since I’ve known him. I can’t say I will ever choose to watch the film again and if the same actor is playing Lex for any sequels or related films… I think I might be done with this set of movies. Sad really because overall I didn’t think the movie was bad. The Marvel movies are better but I may be biased there. They have the Hulk. ‘Nuff said.

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