Little Bear’s Trip to the Dentist

Once upon a time, about two or three years ago, Little Bear tried to chew on a rock. It cracked his baby molar. I tried to take him to the dentist back then. It was a violent endeavor that went no where, they decided that as long as it didn’t get infected they weren’t going to touch it since it was a baby tooth, and we got slapped with the bill. Good thing insurance covered it.

Fast forward to about two nights ago. Little Bear started complaining this same tooth hurts. First time ever. Yesterday morning his whole side of the face is swollen. School sends him home. That dental clinic isn’t a preferred provider for anyone anymore. You have to pay up front now and you have to work it out with your insurance to get a check from them. I’ll pass. Moving on to today. I remembered the really awesome dentist that capped Tuxedo Cat’s tooth back when we lived on campus and prayed he was still over there.


He got Little Bear to work with him. Took out both baby teeth involved with the abscess. And the insurance covered all but $300 of this visit plus the cost of the spacers ordered and the sizing for the spacers that will take place in January. The bill came out to over $1500 but… it was an emergency visit and included most of the next visit if not all of next visit.

Not important to me, but ultra important to Little Bear: he made sure his baby teeth were put into a small bag for him to carry home for the Tooth Fairy. And Little Bear didn’t have to ask. It was just done.

He also said he would be happy to continue to be my boys’ dentist. And yes, I’m willing to drive as far as I did to bring my kids to this man. He’s that good. I’m wishing now I had remembered him sooner. Like when he had cracked the tooth in the beginning.

So how is Little Bear doing now? No more whining. WIN.

3 thoughts on “Little Bear’s Trip to the Dentist

    • I agree! Like I said, I wish I had remembered him back when Little Bear first cracked his tooth. We might have avoided all this. But then again Little Bear wasn’t on meds back then so it’s hard to say. I think he would have had better luck though. I didn’t even like the way the other clinic treated me. I need to find out if he takes adults too or if he can refer me to someone. I can’t see him sending me to creeps.

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