Afternoon Routine Visual Chart

It’s a little late coming, I’m sorry but I didn’t forget it! Here is the Afternoon Routine Visual Chart to follow up the Morning Routine Visual Chart and finish up the day.

Again you can download here the template I created with Open Office. It should look like this:


Go ahead and customize it to meet your needs. This is what my chart looks like now:


You’ll notice mine runs from lunch to supper and ends with the house work. If you remember I stated that I refuse to be a slave to my space and I meant it. That means if for some reason I’m not home for that time slot or if it all doesn’t get done, then there will always be tomorrow to try again.

And yes, I have charts (or used to) to track the cleaning too. Right now I do have my Clutter Patrol cleaning chart posted already. I also call it “Crisis Control” for those disaster areas. It’s always a great place to start in any room. Sadly I don’t have a template uploaded for that right now so I’ll get on that soon and update the entry.

In any case, this wraps it up for the basic daily routines. So go ahead and print off your customized version, slide it into a sheet protector and hang it up with the others. Remember you can always adjust and edit these routines as you need to. These aren’t meant to rule you. They are meant to aid you in staying on track.

We can move on to cleaning routine visual chart checklists if people are interested, starting with my base, the Clutter Patrol.

If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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