Follow Up with the Car and Meds

Weirdness went down with trying to schedule my med clinic appointment. Finally got some “April” chick calling back in response to my voice mail I left saying she was new and didn’t know how to do this????? So ummmmm… refer my case to someone that does?!

So she was trying to schedule me for the 24th of Jan and telling me I needed to reschedule my Dec 27th therapy appointment for some reason so I ask her why where it’s not on the same day as the med clinic appointment and she suddenly tells me I need to hang up and call back (but tells me that she put my med order in) and ask for a “Kelly” because she can’t forward me to said person for some fucking reason.

So I do that and I get the med clinic and Ms. Lady “C” (can’t remember her name) on the phone won’t let me speak to “Kelly” and wants to know why I want to talk to her. Like what the fuck? Some reason it’s not enough to say I’m calling because I was told to speak with Kelly at the med management office. Then she tells me that she does the scheduling and tells me there are NO OPENINGS on Jan 24th. Seriously what the fucking hell?! I thought this “April” chick just put me in for the 24th of Jan? So do I have an appointment for that day still or not?

So now according to Ms. Lady “C” my med clinic appointment isn’t until fucking Feb 7th, and this lady has no idea why “April” wanted to reschedule next week’s therapy appointment. So I’m seriously hoping it’s not because I’m being thrown back into the intake waiting list because it means that ALL of my appointments are CANCELLED UNTILL THAT INTAKE APPOINTMENT IS DONE.

I was hoping to get in sooner than this for my med clinic but then again I didn’t tell them I’m hypomanic either. I just told them I need an emergency refill order sent in TODAY.

Then she won’t confirm whether or not my med order went through saying I need to call the pharmacy it was sent to so I wait until 6pm to ask the pharmacy – because that’s usually how long it takes – and NO IT DIDN’T and OF COURSE THE MED CLINIC IS NOW FUCKING CLOSED. So now I have to wait until 7am to call the med clinic AGAIN and deal with these people AGAIN to take care of this problem AGAIN.

The part that upsets me the most in all of this is I need this med not just for my mood but also to prevent my migraines. I cannot go back to daily pain like that. I. JUST. CAN’T.

I have watched my med clinic nurse put my med order in many times. It’s part of my patient file in their computer system. So I know for a fact that they can pull me up on the system and check the fucking thing to see if the order was put in and to which of the two pharmacies I have listed it was sent to. I know they can do this because I have called back the pediatric wing’s office more than once to verify whether or not a med order was sent for my sons when our insurance doesn’t mail their meds when they should. So for Ms. Lady “C” to tell me that she can’t check it for me is bullshit when I’ve watched them pull up my records through their fucking window to find out who my doctor is. If they can pull up my records they can check the digital med order in my file too.

These people scare me because these are the same people slapping the label “DYSFUNCTIONAL” on my forehead but they can’t seem to figure their way around a basic computer program that they use EVERY. FUCKING. DAY. Bite my ass. With the exception of this “April” chick you’ve been here since I’ve been a patient. You have no excuse for not knowing how this system works. Not when after seeing you people use it I already have a general idea of its functions and I haven’t touched the fucking thing. I refuse to believe that the learning curve is that steep on this program of yours.

So in all of this I can’t help but wonder if this “April” chick didn’t know how to do any of this in the first place, why did she take my voice mail and call me back? Why didn’t she just hand it over to the person that could take care of it the right way – like I don’t know, this “Kelly” person she instructed me to talk to? And then when I do follow her instructions and tell these people I was told to speak with “Kelly” why wouldn’t they let me speak with her? Why was I given the run around with that? Obviously “April” had a specific reason to refer me to “Kelly” but apparently Ms. Lady “C” felt I didn’t need to speak with “Kelly” and made that clear. Who the fuck makes these policies on how to treat the patients? This is almost as upsetting as when Little Bear was in their Intensive Outpatient Care unit.

But my car started – half an hour after my appointment was over and Mom was so proud of herself because she had my brother take care of it. It killed me that I had to tell her that my appointment ended half an hour ago at that point and I had already called it in to cancel it. She saw me grab the phone the moment I was told I couldn’t borrow anyone’s car to get to this appointment and Dad told me I had no choice but to cancel it. Hopefully the problem with the car was the cold and not the alternator. I need the car in a serious way for Little Bear’s neuropsych eval later this week and it’s a long ass drive (2 hours in good weather) for an all day event. I cannot afford to reschedule this appointment.

Then I got roped into babysitting my brother’s son so my brother could split wood all day. So I spent the day with him while running the dish machine sorting the dishes in the boxes that I have stacked up in the living room. Emptied two poorly packed boxes to properly pack one box and got my closet properly set up with my microwave, coffee pot, and mini fridge. I can now make my coffee up in here. Woo.

ZERO writing happened. And I did not make it over to the school to pick up those gifts. I HAVE to do that before the boys get home where it’s a half day.

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