Second Follow up with my Meds

Well while I was out with Little Bear today for his first round of neuropsych testing, the preregistration office called for my therapy appointment – so that answered that question. I still have the appointment and I’m not going through intake again. YAY!

So I had to call them back to verify all my info is correct – like I do before every. single. appointment. It’s dumb I think, but it’s policy. BUT once that was done I asked her if she would be so kind as to forward me to a live person in the med clinic so I could fix a problem with my meds. She did and I found out what happened.

The lady I got today pulled up my file and found the med order but for whatever reason, the doctor hadn’t signed it yet. So I told her I need it not just for my mood but for my migraines too. She said she would push it through and kick the doctor’s butt to get this done for me. <3 So here’s hoping I can pick it up tonight.

Still have no idea what the deal is with the other two ladies I talked to on Tuesday but whatever. “Michelle” rules if she can keep her promise because last night I was hit with a pretty bad migraine. I don’t want these to become a regular thing again.

Bwaha… So I get this much typed up and a “Jenny” calls me back saying that she sent my med order in 3 hours ago and just tried to call the pharmacy to confirm that they got it but the pharmacy is at lunch right now. So then she tells me to call the pharmacy a little later to make sure and call her back if there is a problem. Hmmm… if you had sent it in 3 hours ago then why was it still unsigned in my file not more than 10-15 minutes ago?

I really hate it when people can’t own their shit. It’s really annoying to watch these people pull this weird ass bullshit just to cover their ass. I don’t care. I don’t want the excuses. Hell, I don’t even want an apology. Shit fucking happens, I get it. It’s just the way life is. All I want is the med. Why is that so hard?

2 thoughts on “Second Follow up with my Meds

    • I did get my med tonight. Like I said with the first post, if that first lady had no idea what she was doing, why didn’t she hand it over to someone that did to begin with? I mean she could have just had someone walk her through it as they took care of it. I wouldn’t have minded being a training case. I’ve done that many times. My med is very straightforward actually. Or is supposed to be. 😛

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