The Demons We Dream of Together – Episode 1

The Chaos Pen

smuggler_s_hideaway_by_darkriderdlmc-d6p1myz Artwork by DarkRiderDLMC on DeviantArt

Episode inspired by the Chaos Pen Challenge #7 posted on the Writing Hallow. Going to see where this leads.

Took the first song in the music play list and generated this auto play list for writing this piece:

Eddie returned home from work, walking into the lobby to find Clarissa saying her quiet farewells to her new companion, Zaum. It was a chaste kiss but her flushed skin and his tender touch spoke volumes of their relationship. Bitter jealousy coiled to a near snap inside Eddie. Would her passion for him burn the same if she knew the way he flirted with that cybernetic beauty? No that wasn’t it. His treatment of women appeared universal. So was it truly flirting or demonic custom? Why did she choose the demon over him?

He nodded to Clarissa as she floated out the door on her way…

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