TGIF Chaos Rally #1


The songs you add need to be uplifting, fun, energizing, or inspirational and you can add them by clicking HERE. Remember it can be from any genre.

The play list is getting longer and feel free to add your own to the mix! I know I’ll keep adding songs as I find them. Maybe by the end of the year we will have an awesome play list for a seriously coolΒ party. πŸ˜‰

How did your week go and what does next week coming up look like? I wish you all an awesome weekend!

23 thoughts on “TGIF Chaos Rally #1

      1. I’ve added 3 already lol. I hope you like them. One is one of the finest love songs I ever heard, another is a chillout beat and rem’ s super touching song about hanging in when shit is just shit

      2. REM is a band I’m familiar with, but Finnebassen is new to me that I’m digging. I only recently got into dubsteb and chillout last year so I’m still new to the scene. Tuxedo Cat really seems to prefer techno – I could be wrong, he doesn’t really talk much. I do know that according to him I sing badly and therefore I am not allowed. @_@ His exact words, not mine. lol He did at least tell me I’m allowed to “make noise” so there is that. πŸ˜›

      3. Did you like the love song? I added two more lol. You shouldn’t have done this to me. My playlist is My life!!

      4. Ok I have to stop now. I want to listen to some of the stuff there lol. Well I’ve given you a tour of the 70’s — 2016 lol. I love everything but chillout and ambient are the best for me lately. Ok all done

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