TGIF Chaos Rally #2

Much Love and Light to
Beauty Beyond Bones This Week

Here’s the link to the YouTube page for the playlist:

It came to my attention yesterday that her family has been struck by tragedy. Her mother has had a stroke. She is recovering but her family is in need of prayer and support. The blog is an anonymous one and I don’t know the family personally but I do think highly of her.

I hold her faith in high regard and deep respect despite the fact I’ve become disillusioned with organized religion. There are a couple other bloggers out there that fall into this as well. I have no explanation for this other than it just is. I suppose my heart will always know fundamental truth when it sees it.

It reminds me of the time my father had his worst heart attack and everyone, the doctors included, thought he was going to die. It was unbelievably hard for me. As you know my father pulled through and he’s alive today with a pace maker. This was nothing short of a miracle to me. It is my deepest hope that her family is blessed with a miracle as well.

So this week the Chaos Rally is dedicated to her family. I’ve added three songs to the list with them in mind yesterday:

  • “My Everything” by Owl City
  • “Galaxies” by Owl City
  • “Stars” by Skillet

And then I bumped the following songs to the top of the list:

  • “Fear” by Blue October
  • “I Hope You Dance” by Lee Ann Womack

This week I ask that the songs you add to the playlist are inspirational, family oriented, and sent with love for this family. You can add them by clicking HERE. If you don’t have a YouTube account that’s okay. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions in the comments. I will add them to the playlist.


God gave us rainbows to remind us that tragedy doesn’t last forever. Let’s pray that this doesn’t last long and things get better soon.

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