The Toilet has been SAVED!

Thanks to my baby brother, the Mouse. You know in our younger days I never thought to question why he called himself the mouse. He was little back then but now he’s like 6 foot something and here I am in need of a pair of sneakers just to hit 5 feet. There’s just something not right with that. Anyway, he fixed the toilet. We no longer have to pee in a bucket. You have no idea how relieved I am about that.

Dad apparently called Mouse to pick up the Jonny ring and come over to help him tear apart the toilet. Well he came over with the Jonny ring. Not sure why but Mouse decided to give plunging it a try himself. AND IT CLEARED. Dad and I tried plunging it quite awhile Saturday. Dad even got this nifty super plunger thingy from my uncle – his brother. And we tried using the snake. Not a damn thing. My brother? Plunged it three times like it was nothing and it was clear.

Dad says the toilet paper must have softened after sitting all day Sunday. I don’t know. I don’t care. We have use of the toilet back. I don’t even know who it was that took care of the bucket. It wasn’t me.

What I do know is Little Bear was some PISSED first thing yesterday morning when I told him, “No, you’re grounded until the toilet is fixed.”

He pitched this horrible fit, screaming how unfair that was. And I told him it wasn’t fair we were using a bucket because he wrecked the toilet. We were all being made miserable for something he did. I think that struck home because he quieted down. AND he apologized to Dad when it finally got fixed – without me telling him to.

So I spent the day with Little Bear playing Resident Evil and watching Skylanders Academy. At the same time. No it didn’t exactly go well. I got all the way to the shark tank without saving as Jill and forgot to electrocute it and stepped back into the water and got eaten.

I was like, “Damn…”

Little Bear looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Where’s your character, I don’t see it?”

Usually on the YOU DIED SCREEN you still see the body so that’s what he was talking about. Now a part of me was really pissed but in the end it was my fault for not paying attention.

“[Little Bear] the shark ate my character so there is nothing to see and that’s why you have to fry it.”

The other day he was very angry that I electrocuted the shark and WANTED to see what happened if I stepped into the water without doing it. I wouldn’t do it. Well now he got to see it. I guess he didn’t like it. I tried to tell him. Now he believes me.

I honestly don’t know which is worse here. The fact that this game is like crack for me no matter how many times I’ve beaten it or the fact my youngest child will ask me to play it.

I think I own every console version of this game except the very first release for the PS1. I opted for the Director’s Cut instead because I didn’t buy the game when it first came out. It really is like an interactive book. There are only a few other games out there that have that kind of pull on me. Final Fantasy 7 being the other one that comes to mind right away but it takes much longer to play. Ah… but the story!

Give me a good story to play in and I’ll be content for hours. Hard to believe a Resident Evil 7 is supposed to be coming out sometime this year. Do I plan to get it? Yes if I can afford it when it comes out. Same with the remake of Final Fantasy 7 if it ever comes out. They’ve announced it, shown trailers for it, but then I haven’t heard anything since. Disappointing there. Such is the gamer’s life I suppose.

Honestly I’m not sure if it’s a good thing to play Resident Evil around him. Like the thing with the shark. He’s 7 years old and he should have understood what I said but it was really hard for him to grasp until I (accidently) showed him what I was talking about. I don’t know. Maybe having Scholar Owl first spoiled me in this respect?

I mean that boy asked about death in a very serious and philosophical way at the age of 2. Granted the conversation played out in a series of simple questions and simple answers but still it was unnerving. And somehow in all of that I accidently taught him about reincarnation which I didn’t find out about until he was 5 or 6 years old.

So yea, talking to Little Bear sometimes gets mega frustrating. Not that talking to Scholar Owl is easy either because I never know where his mind is going to leap off too but he is at least able to now tell me what he’s thinking. Talking to Little Bear feels like “Repeat, Repeat, Repeat, oh fuck it let me just show you.”

I guess my concern is what is he understanding and what is he getting out of it. Additionally why does he only ask me to play this series and never ask if he can play it? He will ask if he can play my other zombie games. I have Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead. He’s played them both with me right there with him, but he won’t play this series. He doesn’t play Silent Hill either but I’m pretty sure I’ve made a point not to play that around them so he might not know that one exists in our game library. Alan Wake was good too but I’ve only played it the one run through.

Resident Evil and Dead Rising are the only two I keep coming back to and for different reasons. Resident Evil for the story and skill play. Dead Rising for the sandbox zombie bashing. The story is good in Dead Rising for the first two games as well. I was a bit put off with how it ends in the third. Scholar Owl just got the fourth game for Christmas and I’m trying really hard not to touch it because he hasn’t played it through yet. I don’t want to ruin it for him. So… no touchie for me yet.

So this morning I got the boys up and ready for school. I was all set to get a break for part of the day. Tuxedo Cat took his morning bath with no fuss after a frantic search for his eye glasses. They were in his bed again. I was digging out Little Bear’s outfit for the day so it would be ready for him before I woke him up – which I admit I should have done the night before but yeah… I’m working on that – when Scholar Owl walked in to inform me there is no school today because of a holiday. I was like what?! And checked the calendar. This folks is why we should be checking the calendar every night so we know these things. Today is the day we observe Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday so no, there is no school today. So I fed them breakfast and finished up the dishes.

Hopefully we will get through the day without any misadventures or mishaps.

4 thoughts on “The Toilet has been SAVED!

    • Here’s one for you: years ago when my oldest was barely a year old, I had a boyfriend that bought me a game out of the blue with the full expectation that it would get him laid and was upset that I spent the following 2 weeks trying to beat it. @_@ I honestly had no idea that was his intention behind buying me the game until he blew up about it. I was like, “You’re not a gamer are you?” He wasn’t and so I had to tell him that you never buy video games for gamers if you want to get laid right away because the first thing they want to do is play the game until they beat it. Which could take weeks to a month. Seriously though what’s wrong with just asking for sex? If you MUST buy a gift though, buy something else. Anything else. Just NOT a video game. A video game is what you buy for a gamer when you want alone time. Lots of alone time. Unless you’re a gamer too then you buy multiplayer games. Duh.

      Too bad I can’t remember the name of the game he bought for me. It was for the PlayStation and it was an RPG (mega time sucker right there). The cover had this pink baby monster on it and a knight (you). It was your job to protect it and figure out where it came from I think. I never did beat it. I’m sure it’s still kicking around somewhere in a box with the rest of my PlayStation games.

      • I always suck at games like that. Which makes me wonder how I ever got into Resident Evil series. I guess it’s a testament of how solid the story is? Seriously though, my hand-eye coordination blows big time. It’s why I prefer the RPG types of games.

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