Thoughts on Little Bear’s Screening

Other than a few boxes left to sort for the storage unit and to finish up settling my room, I don’t feel like we really have a lot going on now. In a way it’s kind of creepy. Part of me wants to enjoy it because it’s so rare while the other part of me is waiting for the damn proverbial shoe to drop.

They have finally finished with Little Bear’s neuropsych screening and hopefully I will get the full results soon. Even though they fucked up with his Dyslexia screening, I’m hoping this means he will get an IEP at school.

I still don’t understand why the scheduling people over there told me twice they would screen him for it and the lady told me once before she got started that she would be screening him for it BUT then when she printed off the lists of tests that were conducted it wasn’t on there. When I asked her about it she tried to tell me that they don’t really have a test for that and the school should be running it. I told her that the school said they can’t because it’s a medical diagnosis and that her people, herself included, told me it would be done there. I get the “oh yeah, that’s right” kind of bullshit response and then she took him back in for 15 minutes to supposedly screen him for it. When she brought him back out she claimed it was inconclusive. Now this is where I have a beef. When I took my husband in for his rescreening for it the process took an hour. So I want to know how this woman was able to screen my child for the same thing in 15 minutes. Then she tried to tell me that if I take him anywhere else to get him screened for this unless I wait a year or two I won’t get a different result.

Anybody else out there have had their young children screened for Dyslexia? What was the experience like? Did you get the run around like I have been getting or did you get answers right away?

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