Open Discussion About Nusquamton

I’m thinking about rebooting my Nusquamton/Chaos Pen series, but before I do that I would like feedback from anyone that has read the old series first.

The Chaos Pen

I’m thinking that putting the Nusquamton Series on hold while revising my novel was a mistake. The first revision – especially where this is my first time with this – is a slow process. I have no idea what I’m doing so I feel like I’m running blind with a pair of scissors here.

Every where I go for advice I’m running into  the “let the [damn thing] rest” between stages mantra. Which is all well and good if I have something to do while it does. So I thought I would dig up other works and return to the series. You know, just busy myself. I have one piece I’m excited about that I wrote in college I hope to be sharing soon that isn’t a series that is currently going through the critique process on Scribophile.

The first two episodes of Nusquamton is up on Scrib as well. Clarissa is…

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