5 thoughts on “Don’t let your special needs child fall victim to “new”​ Federal and State voucher/choice policies

    • Well, Maine didn’t vote for DeVos so I’m pretty certain parents here will get the support here if we keep pushing for it like we have been. This is why home schooling has been protected the way it has been.

      In many ways I think the problem is we let big government get involved with public education to begin with and it’s become a Catch-22.

      Our special needs children NEED their involvement to protect their rights, but in doing so it’s fucked up the mainstream so bad it’s hurting everyone else because the public education system is now mired in red tape. We could just cut the red tape… but then everyone falls. And then what?

      I’m not buying into the voucher system I keep reading about when parents and teachers are reporting it hasn’t worked in the school system DeVos ran before stepping up into Dept. of Ed. This is why she was so hotly contested for the position in the first place.

      • It’s a big part of why she was so contested…the other part is that the way she answers questions, it doesn’t seem like she even HAS an education. I, personally, would still stay on your lawmakers. They may not have voted for her and they may not support her, but it’s important to let them know that you’re still holding onto that position.

        Hubby and I had a talk the other day about what the role of the federal gov’t should be. And the problem is exactly what you identified. There’s a lot of things they shouldn’t have their hands in, but they do, and removing those hands will bury whatever system from which you remove them.


      • Oh, I wasn’t trying to suggest that we sit back and do nothing. Quite the contrary. And yes, we have given the government too much power. To fix it though, we’re likely to break it first and this is what too many people don’t understand. As they say, “To make a omelet…” I just wish it wasn’t coming to this in my children’s lifetime, because really its their generation and their kids that’s going to be dealing with the fallout of whatever we do right now.

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