Writerly Update

I’m still writing. STILL stuck on trying to make the first two episodes of the Nusquamton Archive work. I think I finally have the bones of what I want and need for “The Demons That Bind Us” and it may be ready for true polishing.

Scribophile recently launched their beta draft feature and I’m thinking about using it to get “Surge of the Soul Eater” completely posted and hopefully hear from a few peeps their opinions on the ordering of scenes, overall plot structure, etc. I’m pretty certain I need to change the narrative style and since the book requires a re-write anyway, I’m fine with that.

My youngest brother mentioned joining Scribophile, thinking it would be more useful using their platform to go through my book. He also mentioned posting his own up there. I’m hoping he does. I’ve yet to read it and I don’t mind returning the favor. He is the one that suggested if I wanted a strong emotional impact then I should ditch the 3rd Omni style, which creates emotional distance by nature, and switch to the 3rd Limited (or Deep, depending on who’s talking) style. He said he’s already read some scenes that felt I intended for the reader to have a strong emotional response, but the narrative style makes it harder to connect with Thomas.

Camp NaNo is right around the corner and my current plan is to draft episodes for the Nusquamton Archive. The goal will be 1000 words per day for me, but I promised myself that I wouldn’t push as hard as I did in November. We’ll see how that actually plays out, but I don’t want to trigger another episode like last time.

I’m still hoping to get Scholar Owl involved with Camp NaNo, but there hasn’t been any prep happening in that regard. On both sides to be honest. I need to fix that, and fast.

Anyhow, that’s my writing nerd life at the moment. Life outside that has been somewhat quiet. This week I haven’t even started my mood tracker and at this point I’m wondering if there is any value in launching it for the week. Not sure what’s going with me but I feel like I’m dropping the ball here. I even had a hard time talking to the therapist yesterday in terms of staying on one topic. I felt like I was all over the place. Maybe I don’t need to worry about triggering myself. Maybe it’s already happened with spring on the way.

If you enjoyed this post, or have some thoughts about it, please let me know!

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