Little Bear’s Appointments Today

Little Bear had his med clinic appointment today. After giving them the list of all the things we’re tried to keep his sleep on a daytime wake cycle, the doctor we saw today decided to prescribe a low dose of Trazadone at night.

Now it’s not an SSRI, but an SARI class med. This is an antigoniser. Basically it produces the same results as an SSRI, but does it differently. So I’m still concerned about treatment induced mania. Yes, she told me it’s a low dose but pharmaceutical sensitivity runs in the family.

So why did I agree to this? It’s a low dose and only once a day first off. Then the neuropsych eval stated he’s presenting as though he’s in a mixed state episode. My thoughts are this: if we can use a tiny dose of an anti-depressant to help him sleep at night then his mood should stabilize dramatically. Then there’s the added benefit of it being an anti-depressant to help pull him out of that irritability further. Finally he goes in to the med clinic roughly once a month and I can always call them to pull the plug on this if shit hits the fan.

That was the first appointment for him today. Right after that we paid a visit to the dentist to have his new spacer put in. Good news: the lab decided to replace it at no cost to me since it broke and came out the same day it was put in. They sent a different design that doesn’t look as flimsy as the first one. Then the dentist made sure the excess oral adhesive was removed and that it was completely set before sending us on our way. This was to make sure he didn’t pick at it. Hopefully the stupid thing stays in place and doesn’t break this time.

Next week we go back in for them to address the other molar he broke and the one next to it. They both have cavities now. So the broken baby tooth is marked for extraction and the other one will be capped. I hope this has taught him why we don’t chew/chomp on non-food items that aren’t designed for that. Can’t remember now what it was he had in his mouth chewing on while running around. I want to say it was a rock that time. Just an expensive lesson to learn.

All in all I’m hoping that taking care of these things will lead to a happier, and more stable, Little Bear.

5 thoughts on “Little Bear’s Appointments Today

  1. Trazodone is frequently used with bipolar patients and it doesn’t have much in the way of a track record for inducing mania. It is also a great choice for insomnia. I think it’s a good idea to try it. 🙂

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