Kicked Off The Bus?

Well today when Little Bear got off the bus, the driver was bent nine ways to hell saying that he’s not supposed to be riding the bus for the next three days and that I should have seen a letter or note or something about it. I’m supposed to sign it and send it back. I haven’t even seen it.

But he isn’t staying in his seat and he’s causing trouble for the driver. What I would like to know is why did he tell me he was good Friday and Monday? Little Bear didn’t got to school Tuesday so I know he couldn’t have earned a kick from the bus. So tomorrow I need to bring him in and speak with the office about it to find out what the hell is going on.

In other news… the dish machine died. Fucking awesome.

Dad triggered a flare by harping on Scholar Owl’s home schooling – as in this time he said something directly to my son. So of course when Mom got home she tried to bring it back up at dinner. I pulled their dismissal card on them. Yeah, I suck. I know. But I don’t know what else to do with this shit. It’s not their problem and not their fucking business. Even worse is it makes him feel like total shit every time it’s brought up. Seriously wishing we had done a med change of some kind with him at the last med clinic appointment.

First day of practice for Special Olympics today. Tuxedo Cat signed up for the Bocce team again, among other things. I was told he did very well at practice today. At least something is going well.

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    • It’s their usual typical shit BUT Scholar Owl’s sleep is seriously messed up right now so that isn’t helping matters. Dad is convinced that he’s doing nothing. I have a feeling this is part of the reason Scholar Owl has decided to go back to public school next year.

      • I have no idea how it works. He’s a freshman now so if they except his assessment and course work for high school credits it would make him a sophomore. Dad is convinced they will have him do placement tests and I don’t know if they will where we didn’t follow their curriculum. There is the chance they will demand he stays as a freshman to take all their required courses.

      • I agree and that’s why I’m wondering if we can instead change how we are doing things so we don’t have to mess with it. I know that he says he feels alone and wants to be more social, but I can’t do that for him. He knows this – him and I have talked about it with his therapist. So this whole thing is frustrating to me.

      • Same needs to be said about him getting his work done. Public school never fixed that in the past so I don’t see how it will now. And what bothers me is that the middle school had convinced me to sign the paperwork waiving his 504 away before I knew that they aren’t supposed to do that – especially since it was done with the attitude he’s making the choice and therefore doesn’t deserve the resources. I don’t know if there is any way I could fight that since the principle’s reasoning for it was never put in writing and my signature is on the damn wavier.

      • Does it stand forever though? Seems to me that it would be a year to year kind of thing to look at. Can’t see how one waiver could cover years… I’d look into how binding that is.

      • The problem is I got the impression that one of the reasons he didn’t get an IEP is because the 504 was removed. Doing that make it look like he doesn’t need the resources and I regret ever signing it.

      • In many ways I feel we’re fucked with the public school but in some ways he isn’t doing much better at home right now and I don’t know how to get him to foster his social skills.

      • Yeah, I don’t know the answer to that either. Really, when it comes to the social piece, he has to put in the work. All you can do is give him the opportunity.

      • It’s the same with the school work. This year I bought him the workbooks and all he had to do was follow along and complete the assignments, but every time I turn around I feel like I am being accused of not doing enough. His therapist is saying more structure is needed but I know for a fact that unless he wants to get the work done, nothing I do will make a fucking bit of difference. And then there is Mom and Dad treating me like I’m doing nothing. It’s not me that needs to do the fucking assignments. He just blows me off and I’m catching hell for it. Today he informed me that he never agreed to Camp NaNo and doesn’t want to do it. What the fuck do I do with that?

      • Sisyphus’s rock? The BS part about being a parent is that everything our kids do are a reflection of us. Like their choices are choices we made. But sorry, the truth is that at some point, they have to start making their own choices in life and live with the fucking consequences of those choices. We are guides and teachers. We cannot force them into any particular life path, even if we want to. As far as NaNo goes you either decide to make it part of the course work or not. Ultimately, you’re the teacher. And in any course work there will be shit he doesn’t want to do. So, if he agreed to it before and is trying to back out now, you don’t have to let him if this is the course work you were planning on.

      • I was planning for it to be an extra side thing for fun to include in his portfolio since he wasn’t doing the fiction writing book I had bought, but now he is. And I honestly thought he had agreed but now I’m finding myself questioning that. Did he really or did I only hear what I wanted to hear? I know that this is the first time he outright stated he didn’t want to do it. And I’ve already said fine.

        It just bothers me. Because nothing I do changes what he isn’t doing this year. And I fear I’m going to catch holy hell when it comes time for the portfolio because I have next to nothing to put in it.

        I fucking did my job. All the books I got this year are designed to be student led because that’s what I thought he wanted. And now I’m getting nothing but shit because I did that and I’m not forcing him to do the fucking work.

        I’m about ready to tell him to take the fucking GED test and be done with this shit. He keeps complaining about how he doesn’t like to hear about how smart he is and doesn’t want to be the smart guy, etc. It’s not my fault that he can read and understand college level material. I feel I need to hold him to that. Why teach him below his level? So he doesn’t have to work for it? Fuck that.

        I’m so frustrated with this. It’s bullshit all around and I feel seriously fucked no matter what I do.

        I can’t help but wonder if he pulled this shit about Camp NaNo because I had started harping on him about it. First week in and he hadn’t even created a character to write about. So I started bugging him about it. Today I asked him again (ok yesterday now) and that’s when he hit with this about never wanting to do it.

      • Well at least this morning he admitted to me that he had agreed to it but only because he was feeling forced into it. So why lie to me about it the night before?

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