Follow Up to “Kicked off the Bus?”

This is a follow up to Kicked off the Bus?

So yesterday morning I took Little Bear to school and marched myself to the office to find out what was going on. It was all I could do to keep myself from completely losing my shit. So this is what I found out:

  1. There has been no paperwork about this
    1. Any incident that happens on the bus needs to be reported in writing to the bus company
    2. Said paperwork is then reviewed and then sent to the child’s school
    3. Said paperwork is then reviewed by the school and then sent to the parent
    4. Said paperwork then needs to be reviewed by the parent, signed, and sent back to the school
    5. The school then sends the paperwork back to the bus company
  2. Because there is no paperwork, Little Bear can’t be kicked off the bus
  3. The principal informed me that she is aware that there are children on the bus that target and bully my child
    1. The bullshit starts before they even get on the bus every damn day
    2. They (school staff) have been trying to correct the problem
  4. They sent Little Bear home on the bus as normal yesterday

I’m assuming they spoke to the driver about it because this morning that bastard wouldn’t even look at or speak to me. What I don’t get is how is it possible for the school staff to see this shit going on but the bus driver not be aware of it happening? The way he talked it was just my kid alone causing a problem.

4 thoughts on “Follow Up to “Kicked off the Bus?”

  1. It is difficult when you witness your child being bullied. It is even worse when you send them to a School that says they are doing something but nothing changes. There should be a formal complaint about the bus driver though. There should be no reason for him to bully your son as well. He should be stopping the bullying happening on the bus. Which is the one place the School Staff aren’t. They may need to start implementing Bus Monitors so that stuff like this doesn’t happen.

    • I was stunned when the principal told me that she knew what these kids were doing. Why wasn’t I informed sooner? How is it the bus driver doesn’t know/see it?

      It never occurred to me to file a complaint. I’m still trying to get my son an IEP over there. If he had one I could just request for him to ride the special needs bus where they do have bus monitors.

      Overall I’m not happy with how things are being handled.

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